Some "Apocrypha" Tidbits & Musings - 05.02.06

-- Apocrypha is from the Greek apokryptein, "to hide away." In biblical literature, it describes works outside an accepted canon of scripture. The history of the term's usage indicates that it referred to a body of esoteric writings that were at first prized, later tolerated, and finally excluded. In its broadest sense, apocrypha has come to mean any writings of dubious authority or authenticity.

-- After directing a variety of stand-alone episodes, this was Kim Manners' first directing assignment on a mythology episode. He welcomed the change as he felt the mythology episodes were more "character driven."

-- The alien spaceship built for this episode occupied nearly an entire soundstage. The ship itself was shaped like a large triangle, 30 feet long on each side, built out of wood. It was meant to have a stealth look, as Chris Carter had indicated to his crew that any alien vessel should approximate the appearance of some craft that could be perceived as an experimental plane originating on earth.

-- Bruce Harwood (Byers) looked comfortable during the ice skating scene because he once trained as a professional ice skater. The other two Gunmen were not quite as confident. The writers assumed the Lone Gunmen actors would be able to skate because they were native Canadians. Dean Haglund (Langly) had never skated so he subjected himself to a five-day crash course. Tom Braidwood (Frohike) hadn't skated in quite a long time, so he bought skates and practiced on weekends in anticipation of the big (though brief) scene.

-- For the scene where Krycek oozes the black oil out of his mouth and nose into the alien craft, Nicholas Lea had to wear a mask with tubes wired into it that would leak the substance out. Applying the prosthetic mask took over an hour, and after shooting the sequences once, Lea was called back days later and told the scene was lit too darkly and needed to be filmed again. (Too bad 1013 didn't reshoot a few of those other 'darkly lit scenes.')

-- This was Brendan Beiser's third appearance as Agent Pendrell. He appeared in 10 episodes in all.

-- What are PCR results? Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a technique which is used to amplify the number of copies of a specific region of DNA, in order to produce enough DNA to be adequately tested. This technique can be used to identify with very high-probability, disease-causing viruses and/or bacteria, a deceased person, or a criminal suspect.

-- 517 references: The case number for this episode is #621517; and the number on the key and locker where the digital tape's box is found is 517. (5/17 is the birth date of Frank Spotnitz's wife.)

-- Poor CSM seems to have no life. Every time we get a glimpse of him at home, he's sitting alone, drinking, watching old war movies, and someone is breaking into his house.

-- Psychic!Scully wears just the right outfit for every occasion. She's dressed quite appropriately to kick in doors and chase would-be assassins through the streets of Washington.

-- 1013 reference: The number on the door for the silo where Krycek and the alien craft were held is 1013 (Chris Carter's birth date).

-- "It looked great on me in the store." What doesn't?

-- After a long layoff, the return of Mulder!Glasses!! And remember the bloopers from the scene where a recuperating Skinner visits Mulder in the basement? Too funny.

-- I always found it odd that Melissa's tombstone said "Beloved Sister and Daughter," but the stone Mrs. Scully picked out for Dana (in One Breath) said 'Loving Daughter and Friend." Was Dana a crappy sister? Was she not beloved? Luckily, her role as "friend" got acknowledged!

-- And Mulder brought flowers. :::sniff:::