CTP Episode of the Day - 05.29.06

Today's Cherished Episode: Irresistible (2X13)
Original Air Date: January 13, 1995
Written By: Chris Carter
Directed By: David Nutter

A psycho who collects hair and fingernails from the dead steps up his obsession to killing his soon-to-be collectibles himself.

(Thanks to chrisnu for today's episode pics.)

"I know the world is full of predators, just as it has always been. And I know it's my job to protect people from them. And I've counted on that fact to give me faith in my ability to do what I do. I want that faith back. I need it back."

Some "Irresistible" Tidbits & Musings:

-- The original title of this episode was "Fascination."

-- "Irresistible" was one of the few episodes in the first few seasons with no paranormal angle to it, but it was still chilling enough in its Jeffrey Dahmer-esque overtones that FOX's program standards department rejected the initial script as "unacceptable for broadcast standards."

-- Chris Carter originally wrote Donnie Pfaster as a necrophiliac but was forced to alter the character to the less offensive, but still very creepy death fetishist, diminishing an overt sexuality in Pfaster's obsession.

-- In "Firewalker," Mulder reports that the events of the episode take place between November 11 and 13, after which he and Scully ended up in a 30-day quarantine. In "Irresistible," Scully reports that the date for the autopsy is November 14, which is a bit of a timeline conflict.

-- Scully wakes from her nightmare and looks at the clock at 11:21 (11/21 is Chris Carter's wife's birthday).

-- Mulder was convinced the case was not an X-File, but took the case because he had tickets for a football game between the Washington Redskins and the Minnesota Vikings (I'd certainly say that Mulder invited Scully on a date, though YMMV). Both teams had a player named Carter. When the game is shown on TV during the episode, we see "Cris Carter" of the Vikings making a play. And by the way, at no time during the 1994 football season did the Redskins play the Vikings.

-- The name "Soames" can be seen on a tombstone at the beginning of the episode. Ray Soames was the name of the person whose body Mulder and Scully exhumed in the "Pilot."

-- When Donnie is talking to the other suspect in jail, the suspect recalls Scully's name because it's the same as "that baseball announcer." The character of Dana Scully is indeed named after long-time L.A. Dodgers baseball announcer Vin Scully.

-- Nick Chinlund would reprise his role as Donnie Pfaster in Season 7's "Orison." He didn't work with DD, but did appear on an episode of DD's cable series Red Shoe Diaries called "Auto Erotica" in 1992. Most recently, he had a recurring role as Detective Sullivan on Desperate Housewives.

-- Actor Bruce Weitz (Agent Bocks) was best known for his long-running role as Sgt. Mick Belker on Hill Street Blues. Lots of retreads and future retreads in this one:

-- This was actor Dwight McFee's third XF appearance (as the suspect). He previously appeared in "Shapes" and "Little Green Men," and would later appear in Season 3's "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" as Agent Havez.

-- Glynis Davies appeared on the XF for the second time (as the lady who conveniently tells Pfaster that she leaves her door unlocked). She previously appeared as Eugene's defense counsel in "Tooms" and would later appear as the love-struck landlady in "2SHY."

-- This was actress Christine Willes' first appearance as Agent Karen Kosseff. She also appeared in the same role in "The Calusari" and "Elegy."

-- Kathleen Duborg (prostitute) also appeared as a mom in Season 2's "Blood." Mark Saunders (Agent Busch) also appeared as a doctor in Season 1's "Lazarus." Robert Thurston (Jackson Toews the funeral director) would return in Season 3's "El Mundo Gira." Denalda Williams (Marilyn, who helped Donnie with his job application) would play Zirinka the fortuneteller in "Syzygy."

-- Gillian Anderson has said that "Irresistible" is one of her favorite X-Files episodes.

Please share your first impressions, favorite (or cringe-worthy!) moments, classic lines, favorite fanfic, nagging questions, repeated viewing observations, etc., as today we celebrate "Irresistible"!