Some Ep of the Day Tidbit Additions - 08.20.06

Occasionally when I'm looking for info for the CTP Episode of the Day, I come across info that was new to me about episodes that have already been featured in the "Episode of the Day." I added these tidbits in the original threads, but am posting them separately here just in case you're interested. I'll try to do the same when I come across things in the future.

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Hollywood A.D. (Ep of the Day 05.30.06)
-- "David gave me some fun stuff to do," said Mitch Pileggi. "I got to play a little bit and do things that people weren't used to seeing Skinner do. Playing in the bubble bath was a blast; I actually was having too much fun. They cut a lot of the stuff I was doing. I was putting bubbles on the top of my head and giving myself a bubble mustache and bubble beard. I was basically driving David crazy." (Added 08.20.06)

Oubliette (Ep of the Day 07.10.06)
-- According to Chris Carter, when Scully confronted Mulder that he was unable to be objective about the case because it reminded him of his sister, David Duchovny ad-libbed Mulder's response. Carter said this about the episode: "Mulder's link the two [Lucy and Samantha] is obvious from the very beginning. When Amy's mother asks him angrily, 'How could you know, really know how I feel?' the camera comes around Mulder and we all know how he could know. That sets up the whole story, including the scene later on when Scully says, 'This is about your sister,' and Mulder gives her a speech about not everything coming down to a childhood incident. David and I talked about that. He actually ad-libbed that big speech. He didn't want Mulder's motivations to be so simple. We had been there before, in 'Conduit' and there was new terrain to be discovered. It was a good choice." (Added 08.20.06)

Paper Clip (Ep of the day 07.28.06)
-- According to Chris Carter, the idea that Mulder -- not Samantha -- was the original target for abduction, and that Samantha was in essence "traded" for Mulder, was David Duchovny's idea. "It's character-altering," said Carter. "It's like finding out that your parents are not your parents." (Added 08.20.06)