Interesting Pilot Tidbit - 04.19.06

While I was looking for tidbits about other episodes, I came across this mention in the Seasons 1/2 episode guide. I don't remember if I ever read it before, but in light of some of our recent discussions in this folder about CC's intentions and plans for the series from the very beginning, I thought it was worth mentioning. Here's the paragraph:

After more than a year of planning and production, viewers received their first look at The X-Files on September 10, 1993, beginning with a story about a group of teenagers abducted in the Pacific Northwest. Mulder is first seen wearing glasses, with a poster on his wall that says I WANT TO BELIEVE. "Nobody down here but the FBI's most unwanted," he tells Scully, by way of introduction, viewing her suspiciously at first.

The hour closes with Mulder calling Scully after the evidence relating to their case has disappeared, saying he'll see her the next day. As the description in Carter's original script eloquently put it "... there's no doubt from the unsettled tone in her voice that it is much more than work. It will become the defining event of her life. Nothing that comes after now -- religion, motherhood, anything -- will not pass through the filter of this experience."

Pretty poetic, I think, and pretty much on the money for the girl who, in the end, said she'd do it all over again.