CTP Episode of the Day - 09.25.06 - Surekill

Today's Cherished Episode: Surekill (8x09)
Original Air Date: January 7, 2001
Written By: Greg Walker
Directed By: Terrence O'Hara

A marksman with X-ray vision is killing people, and oddly, two exterminators are involved.

(Thanks to chrisnu for today's pics.)

"I'm just a regular Joe. Providing a public service."

Some "Surekill" Tidbits & Musings:

-- The episode title comes from the name of the exterminating company: Surekill Exterminations.

-- This was the only episode directed by Terrence O'Hara; he went on to direct many episodes of JAG, Smallville, and NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

-- Greg Walker joined the show as a story editor during Season 7 and left at the end of Season 8. In addition to this episode, he wrote "Brand X" and "Empedocles."

-- As the episode opens the shop across the street is called "X-treme" and it uses a red version of the familiar X logo.

-- Scully should be well into her maternity wardrobe by now, but instead she's wearing some very stylish outfits. Her clothes and hair may be the best thing about this episode.

-- Oopsie! If Dwight is legally blind, how can he see the answering machine light blinking from across the room?

-- Manly Man Doggett mentioned Elvis which only serves to remind us of you-know-who.

-- Scully's shown drinking coffee in this episode. Hope it's decaf!

-- In "Monday" and "The Amazing Maleeni" it was the Craddock Marine Bank. Here it is spelled Cradock.

-- I still maintain that the "1013" references in Season 8 are all goofy for a reason. Or maybe it's just a coincidence. At any rate, one scene takes place at 1310 South Main Street.

-- There is one deleted scene from "Surekill" on the Season 8 DVD's, where Scully and Doggett visit Randall's apartment. The scene really has no value whatsoever, except that Scully has more occasion to wear that fantastic long gray coat with the black turtleneck.

-- Doggett calls Scully simply "Agent" so many times that I thought he'd forgotten her name. The Scully I used to know would have said, "Agent Doggett, you can call me Agent Scully or you can call me Dana or you can call me Hey You for that matter. But if you call me 'Agent' one more time, you will be peeing through a catheter ... baby."

-- Playing Officer #2 in this episode was James Franco, fresh from his breakthrough role as Daniel Desario in the acclaimed but cancelled series Freaks and Geeks. He would go on to greater fame as Harry Osborne in Spider-Man and its sequel. He can be seen in the new film Flyboys and next year in Spider-Man 3.

-- Joe Sabatino (Captain Triguero) had a recurring role on NYPD Blue as Officer Mackey.

-- Greg Boniface, who appeared as Gangbanger #2 in this episode, died before the episode aired. He was killed in an automobile accident on December 24, 2000. He was 30 years old. The episode features an "In Memoriam" to Gregory Nathan Boniface in the final credits.

-- Kellie Waymire (Tammi Peyton) was best known for her recurring role as Crewman Elizabeth Cutler on the first season of Star Trek: Enterprise. The actress died suddenly on November 13, 2003, at the age of 36 from an undiagnosed cardiac arrhythmia. It was likely related to mitral valve prolapse which she had been diagnosed with as a teenager. Kellie appeared with Gillian Anderson in the film Playing by Heart (she played Jane).

Please share your first impressions, favorite (or cringe-worthy) moments, classic lines, favorite fanfic, nagging questions, repeated viewing observations, etc., as today we celebrate "Surekill"!