About The Truth
By Christine Leigh

Summary: Post-ep for "The Truth." Written for The Haven's 155 Words of Mytharchyness challenge. An acknowledgment of what matters the most.
Rating: G
Category: V

He was there. No truth could be spoken between them that didn't include him. And yet they had tap danced around the subject of him as if he were someone else's child. One who they had never held in their arms, let alone conceived; unloved, even though he had been loved more than either of them ever thought they could love. How wrong it all is. He sees the tears on her cheek. When have they not been there, he wonders? And his own face seems to have been rained on in the short space of time in which they had slept. He touches her shoulder and her eyes open.

"Mulder." She sees it.

"Scully, I'm so...."

"No. Don't say it." She knows he's sorry. She knows that if they could do over the past year that they would. She's sorry too, but sorry doesn't matter now.


"William." They breathed, it seemed, for the first time tonight.

And now, about the truth.

~ End ~

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