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The Theatre of the Mind (TOTM) started back in the summer of 2000, when X-Philes were faced with a missing Mulder and a pregnant Scully, and a barrage of news flashes: there would be a Season 8 with or without Duchovny, David Duchovny would return for some episodes in said Season 8, Gillian Anderson signed for a hypothetical Season 9, a new cast member would be added NOT to be Agent Scully's partner but as a New Guy (NG), and finally, who that NG would be (enter Robert Patrick).

In the midst of all this good and not-so-good news, the Amazing Amy of Haven fame provided a way to alleviate or at least deal with all the stress. Amy started a daily feature on her web site called "Cherish The Past" (CtP). As part of this feature, starting with the Pilot and then proceeding in order, Amy provided photo highlights of each episode and encouraged everyone to share things that they loved about those classic episodes on the message boards.

In response to Amy's challenge, the incredible Paula Graves started writing a "Theatre of the Mind" for each episode, a summary of highlights that allowed readers to recall the episode scene by scene through the combination of Paula's insights and their fond memories.

Paula eventually determined she could not continue with the TOTMs on a regular basis and encouraged others to pick up the gauntlet, and so they have done. Several different authors have carried on what Paula started, each in their own style; the majority have been completed by Polly.

We hope these TOTMs bring back memories . . . lots and lots of memories of our favorite show for you. So if you open your mind to extreme possibilities . . . then grab your popcorn (unbuttered if you must) cause the Theatre is open!


TOTM - Theatre of the Mind

TWC - Totally Worthless Commentary. Commentary of a purely lewd, lascivious, and/or lustful nature, generally regarding Agent Mulder and the state of his hair, eyes, glasses, physique, general appearance, Speedos, boxers, clothing, bulges, footwear, etc., etc.; although TWC can also be directed at other characters including Scully, Skinner, Krycek, et al.

HFC - Holy Flaming Cow. The moment in each episode when Agent Mulder looks his absolute finest. (Holy Flaming Cow was one of Amy's favorite phrases!)

MSRM - Mulder Scully Relationship Moment. Beginning with Season 4 TOTMs, just a reminder that the relationship is out there . . . you just have to know where to look.

BTW - By the Way

GTM - Gratuitous Touching Moment

ACM - Absent Center Moment. Mostly used in Season 8, when according to Chris, Mulder was the "absent center" (but sometimes you had to look hard to find that moment).

MMM - Manly Man Moment. Used in Seasons 8 and 9, the moment when Manly Man Agent Doggett is the manliest man possible.

IMHO - In My Humble Opinion

LOL - Laughing Out Loud

MSR - Mulder Scully Relationship

OMG - Oh My God

OT - Off Topic

ROTFL - Rolling on the Floor Laughing

ROTFLMAO - Rolling on the Floor Laughing My Ass Off

TPTB - The Powers That Be. Chris and Company.

YMMV - Your Mileage May Vary















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