By Christine Leigh

Summary: Remembering. Written for BtS 155 Words Challenge. Challenge Element: To use the word mirror.
Rating: G
Category: 155 Words.
Spoilers: Closure.

She enters the bedroom and sits down at the vanity and stares into the mirror. Soon Ann appears. Neither speaks.

Often, she writes in her diary to keep what details she can remember, but she has forgotten something important. She awoke in tears last night, fully aware that something precious had gone. She looks toward Ann, hoping for a clue, but only sees her looking back. She fears forgetting Ann.

Help me please. I've tried so hard to remember, but I can't. You must know, Ann. You must.

Samantha puts her head down on the vanity. She hates them all. Ann understands this.

She gets up. Cassandra and Jeffrey will be home soon. She glances back and can see Ann fading.

It's okay. Please don't leave me, Ann. Please.

As she goes through the door she hears a whisper. What? A word. Her breath catches. That's it. She won't forget, she vows, ever again.


~ End ~

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