October 11, 1993
Vol. 40, Iss. 15

Picks & pans: The X-Files

Mr. Fox Mulder is an FBI agent of the same stripe as agent Dale Cooper of Twin Peaks: an otherworldly guy, a kooky karma eat at home with the paranormal. (By the by, David Duchovny, who plays Mulder, had a kinky part in Peaks as the transvestite agent Dennis/Denise.)

Mulder doesn't get the run-of-the-mill cases. He's assigned to the troublesome hummers, the strange, seemingly inexplicable incidents the government would like to hush up, cases involving alien abductions, bloodthirsty mutants and things that go "Gotcha!" in the dark. The bureau has shackled Mulder with a skeptical, scientific partner (Gillian Anderson) to keep him rooted in reality. Ha!

If the producers can keep the mood spooky, this show will have its devoted adherents. Deservedly so.

Grade: B