November 3, 1997
Vol. 48, Iss. 18

By Mitchell Fink

Even if the X-Files moves from Vancouver to Los Angeles so David Duchovny can be closer to his wife, Tea Leoni (PEOPLE, Oct. 13), she still won't let him watch her show The Naked Truth. Duchovny was recently overheard by a source of mine saying that Leoni, who now sports darker hair in a look that will soon turn up on her show, does not want her husband to see her sitcom and even calls him in Vancouver on Monday nights, when The Naked Truth airs on NBC, to make sure he's not watching. It's no secret that Leoni's show has experienced problems since it first debuted on ABC in 1995. Leoni's rep acknowledges that the star "is not happy" with the Truth, explaining that "the show has switched nights and has been revamped twice. This has been a stressful and difficult time for her." Nevertheless, Duchovny remains a fan. "I still manage to see the show," my source heard him say. "I think she's a comic genius." . . .