Los Angeles Times
May 18, 2000

Duchovny to Return to 'X-Files' Next Season

David Duchovny has agreed to return next season to Fox's "The X-Files," ending a flurry of intense negotiations and legal wrangling.

However, Duchovny, who stars as FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder, will appear in only half the 22 episodes in the show's eighth season, sources said. Mulder will be abducted in Sunday's season finale, and his partner, FBI Special Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) will spend the first part of the season looking for him. Scully will be paired with a new partner, who has yet to be cast.

Fox is to announce Duchovny's return to the network's top-rated drama today when it unveils its fall schedule. In August, the actor sued 20th Century Fox Film Corp., producer of the edgy drama, alleging that Fox gave its broadcast stations and its FX cable channel sweetheart licensing terms rather than seeking the high est bid in a competitive auction. He had said that he would not return to the show unless the suit was settled.

Yesterday, Duchovny said in a statement: "I am pleased we were able to come to an agreement that enables me to remain part of 'The X-Files.' Now that all the business issues have been settled, I'm looking forward to going back to work." Details on the settlement of the lawsuit were not immediately disclosed.

The deal comes on the heels of an announcement by Chris Carter, the show's creator and executive producer, that he would return for one more season. There had been speculation over whether the series would continue without Duchovny or Carter. "I'm very pleased, and I think with the season finale cliff-hanger it creates great possibilities to take the show in new directions," Carter said yesterday.

Anderson, who is under contract for one more year, has said she is ready to move on after next season. Both she and Duchovny have said they would like to make additional "X-Files" movies...