Challenge Fic


Ann (G)
Season seven. Written for Beyond the Sea's 155 Words Mirror Challenge.
Bermuda Triangle Onions Attack! (G)
A conversation in a car. Written for The Haven's Talk To Me in 500 Words or Less Challenge. All dialogue.
Days of William (PG)
Three birthdays have come and gone. Written for X-Files Drabbles Birthdays/Anniversaries Challenge.
A Fine Mess (G)
Melissa POV. Written for The Haven's 155 Words Different POV Challenge. Takes place at the end of Paper Clip during the scene in the hospital just prior to Mulder arriving and seeing Scully sitting by the empty bed.
First Warmth (G)
Season eight. Scully POV during DeadAlive. Written for X-Files Drabbles Firsts Challenge.
The Heart of a Girl (G)
Season seven - Missing scene from The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati. Written for Haven Camp's 155 Words of Quoting Challenge.
Home (G)
Post-series. Alternate universe - The events of Jump the Shark, William, and most of The Truth did not happen here. Written for The Haven's 155 Word Dear Santa Challenge.
Hyacinths (G)
Post-series. A reckoning; Scully POV. Written for X-Files Drabbles The Thing You Can't Live Without Challenge.
The Invisible Sun (G)
Season eight. Hearts and minds converse. Written for X-Files Drabbles FTF Soundtrack Lyrics Challenge.
The Late Show (G)
Mulder listening to Scully as she sleeps. Written for The Haven's "310 Words of Advice to the Unborn Child Challenge."
Little House in the Desert (G)
A different teaser for William. Written for The Haven's 510 Words Do Over Challenge.
The Man Who Got Away (G)
Season five - Alternating points of view during The End. Written for X-Files Drabbles Secrets and Lies Challenge.
Maybe? (G)
Why is she afraid? Written for The Haven's 500 Word Back to the Future Challenge - either a pre-XF or a post-XF moment in the life of one of the main characters.
Merry, Bright, and All Things Good
Season eight (AU) - Mulder and Scully decorate their first Christmas tree. Written for The Haven's Ornament This Challenge.
Nothing and Everything (G)
Season two - Mulder POV. Written for Fandomonium's Voyeur II - Scully's Turn Challenge.
On the Porch (G)
POV vignette.
Only You (PG)
Extended/missing/alternate hospital scene from the end of DeadAlive. Takes place right after Scully lays her head on Mulder's chest after he's asked if anyone missed him. Written for The Haven's You're Having My Baby Challenge.
Saucy (PG)
Mulder POV during Red Museum. Written for X-Files Drabbles Part of the Body Challenge.
Scully (G)
Warm, cold, Scully. Written for X-Files Drabbles Weather Challenge.
The Sweetest Thing (PG)
Mulder POV. Written for The Haven's 155 Words Different POV Challenge. Takes place at the end of Jump the Shark.
Winter Was Warm (G)
Scully's ruminations on a winter night. Birthday Challenge - Written for Sybil on her birthday - 200 words, give or take.