Days of William
By Christine Leigh

Summary: Three birthdays have come and gone. Written for X-Files Drabbles Birthdays/Anniversaries Challenge.
Rating: PG
Category: 178 words.
Spoilers: None.

The first year they'd gone about their day, which at the time didn't consist of much. They had gone outside and faced people. Strangers were welcome on that occasion -- preferable, actually. They didn't make love that night. This he remembers.


Last year it had been raining that morning. They both had jobs to go to, so had hurried about as people do when confronted with unexpected weather. It had been a slow drive into town. They'd talked about perfunctory things -- did they need to stop at the grocery store on the way home this evening? That night he held her tight in the dark and they cried.


This year he has work to go to, but she does not. He doesn't want to leave her, but he doesn't have a choice. They need whatever income they can earn. He tells her good-bye and kisses her.

When he returns home in the evening dinner is ready, and she has lighted candles on the table. There are three, he notices. They eat in silence. That night their lovemaking is fierce.

~ End ~

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