By Christine Leigh

Summary: Post-ep for Home. Written for The Haven's 155 Words To Play With Challenge.
Rating: G
Category: V

"So, tell me Scully, how does a kid come to consider watching 'Babe' fifteen times a day as fun? I mean, once or twice I can understand, but doesn't he get bored after that?" They had been driving for an hour and hadn't spoken much, when Mulder decided it was time to bring a little normality back to the scene.

"Mulder, it's different today. They don't just watch a movie for entertainment -- they want to memorize every line, so they can recite them back and forth with their friends."

"I'm glad I was a kid before video."

"But you're pretty pleased with it as an adult, I've gathered."

"Yeah, but twice is my limit per viewing, per sitting."

"And you'll be sure to impart that philosophy to your children."

"Excuse me, did I miss something?" They exchanged smiles.

"Mulder, I can see you as a parent, and I think you'd make a terrific father, should that ever happen for you."

His mind wandered back again to the all day pick-up games, only this time he saw a little boy with red hair. It was an improbable vision, he knew, but for the moment it made the road before him tolerable.


~ End ~

Note: This is a pared down version of a longer story, "Bits of Now and Then."

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