A Few of His Favorite Things
By Christine Leigh

Summary: A piece of birthday fluff.
Rating: PG
Category: V, AU
Spoilers: None.

Chocolate. When he was a boy it had been his favorite sweet, and as a man that had not changed. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate brownies, chocolate pudding, chocolate chip cookies. He did prefer vanilla ice cream, but with plenty of chocolate syrup or sauce. Chocolate would always be it.

Cabernet. He remembers the first time his father offered him a sip from his glass. It had tasted so mysteriously wonderful. He's not a big drinker, but he loves Cabernet, and wants the best one available with his meal. The Merlot craze would forever remain a quandary to him. Cabernet would always be it.

Birthdays. Or his birthday, rather. Prior to a year ago he'd hated all the birthdays of his adulthood and anyone's attempt to celebrate the day. But then everything changed. Now all celebrations were welcomed -- especially the private ones in the night. Birthdays would always be it.

Autumn. It was the most beautiful season. He would never not thrill upon seeing the first change in color to the trees. He would never stop waiting to feel the first chill in the air. He truly loved the season, and would live in it all year if he could. Autumn would always be it.

Family. His love for Scully and William has caused him to appreciate his parents and sister more. He never didn't love them, but after Samantha's disappearance there had been too many years where he couldn't let himself move beyond the pain that had permeated their lives. He's started to do that now. He knows his parents loved him. He wishes they were here to see their grandson. He hopes that they somehow do see him, and that Samantha does too. He smiles as he envisages his eight- year old sister laughing her head off at Fox, the family man. Family would always be it.

Scully and William. Nothing more need be said on that one. Scully and William would always be it.

Forty-one. Who knew?

~ End ~

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