A Fine Mess
By Christine Leigh

Summary: Melissa POV. Written for The Haven's 155 Words Different POV challenge. Takes place at the end of Paper Clip during the scene in the hospital just prior to Mulder arriving and seeing Scully sitting by the empty bed.
Rating: G
Category: V
Spoilers: None.

Well isn't this a fine mess? Dana, I'm mad. And not for the obvious reason. I don't know if you see your life as interesting, but it is Dana, trust me, and now I'll miss it. I hate that it is this way.

Last year when I returned, I didn't think I'd stay longer than necessary. I can say this now - neither Mom or I were expecting a happy outcome for you. But then I couldn't see myself leaving. It was so good being around you again, and seeing that the life you were living was making you happy. I know Mom is still uncertain about what you've chosen, but that's Mom. I'll say this though, she likes Fox. Pardon me, Mulder. Which brings me to my point. He's the one, Dana. I've never been more certain of anything before. He's on his way here now. Please be kind to him.

Love you Dana. Bye, for now.

~ End ~

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