The First Time Ever
By Christine Leigh

Summary: What were they thinking when they first laid eyes on each other? Written for X-Files Drabbles Free-For-All Challenge.
Rating: PG
Category: 110 words.
Spoilers: Pilot.

*Sexy. Very impressed with himself.*

Prettier than her picture. Prim little spy.

*Not my type. Where'd that come from?*

Fantastically blue eyes, and who cares? Spy.

*He's kind of cute, actually.*

She's intelligent. I'd figured that, though.

*Surprised by my ability to deflect his bullshit.*

She's not running.

*I've never been to Oregon. It's supposed to be beautiful -- green and lush. I'll go for that.*

That's some smile she has.

*His grin is, I don't know, sweet -- infectious, almost. That could be a problem.*

Not what I'd expected.

*Not sure what to make of him.*


*Well, it won't be dull.*

Could be interesting. Fun, even.



*Altogether, not bad.*

~ End ~

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