May 2005

Hollywood Moms

David Duchovny and Meg Duchovny

"My mother worked really hard, and she did all the housework and cooking and taking care of us. For 27 years she taught at Grace Church School in Greenwich Village. When I go back to New York and walk around my old neighborhood, I always run into students or parents of kids who had my mom as a teacher. Invariably, they tell me what a special teacher she was. I had my mom as a teacher for one day and, of course, I had to act up. I can't tell you the look on her face when she sent me out of the classroom! The school named part of a building after her when she retired."

"When David was young, I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. He said, 'I want to be a bathtub with hot and cold taps.' David was always funny, and his sense of humor is quite dry and wry. As I think back on my three kids, David always seemed like a blur of movement. He loved sports -- his breaststroke records still stand. The girls always liked him and invited him for playdates. David was accepted at Harvard, Princeton and Yale, and I thought he would be a professor. He was getting his Ph.D. at Yale when he called to tell me he wanted to be an actor. I knew he would be a good actor since he was a good teacher. Both require performance skills." - David Hutchings