April 3, 2005 - by abracadabra

Standing on line for almost 3hrs without tickets was well worth the wait. Aside from getting to meet other Havenites and XPhiles from all over, DD's appearance prior to the show was worth it alone.

I love a movie that evokes base emotions for me; emotions that change throughout. HoD did with with flying colors. I found myself smiling ear to ear, laughing, then finding tears in my eyes. The fact that the audience was so moved made me feel a part of the total experience.

The NY setting was nostalgic for me, being Brooklyn born. And being in highschool and college in the 70s, DD's choice of music and his attention to detail in the clothing, cars, etc., brought back memories.

The cast was super; Anton and Zelda stole the show for me.

What else can I say except that I need to see it again and again.