April 19, 2005 - by cassandra423

So I just got back from the Boston screening (where I met up with the lovely Sallyfan and monkeypants, and a few friends of Sallyfan) and just wanted to get my immediate reactions down while it's still fresh in my head. Spoilers ahead.

I really really liked it. It was a lot funnier than I had thought it would be, and had a great look to it. I'm very impressed by all of the acting, by Anton especially. He really is amazing, it'll be interesting to see how his career develops. Robin Williams I thought also did well, he was a lot more subtle than he usually is. The realtionship between Tommy and Papass seemed really natural to me. Tea was amazing, her role was so heartbreaking and I loved what she did with it. I loved the nerf basketball scene, it was really cute.

There were some really heartbreaking moments in it that I wasn't expecting.


The scene where Tommy unplugs his mom's life support and he's hiding under her bed while the nurses are working on her, and he has his hand over his mouth? So sad.


And now for the superficial stuff: So cute how DD was speaking French, and trying to get Tommy's wife to say "boner." Also was not expecting a DD-wearing-nothing-but-a-towel scene. Very nice surprise. Also a very nice kiss at the end. The music was excellent, both the songs and the score were lovely.

About the only bad things I could say are that, while I love hearing his voice, I don't think it really needed so much narration, particularly at the beginning. There were also a few lines that made me cringe when I heard them.

Still, it's a good movie. He shows a lot of promise as a director and a writer, and of course I look forward to his future efforts. And I will gladly shell out eight bucks to see it when it premieres out here for real.