April 30, 2005 - by DeeDee

The Things We Do for Love

Neither rain nor fog nor gloom shall stop a rabid Duchovnyite from her appointed rounds.

Needless to say I just returned from seeing the "House of D". It was amazing. I'm not so blinded by my loyalty that I couldn't see the flaws. The beginning, in my opinion, was a bit slow but once Anton and Tea were on screen, it was magic. Anton was an excellent choice and Tea was perfect. I have never seen a better performance from her. It's obvious that David brings out the best in Tea and she brings out the best in his script. I can understand the criticism of Robin's performance. It was a bit off in spots. Zelda is a natural. This girl has a real future if she wants it. I will write a bit more later after I decompress.

Two hundred miles and half a tank of gas later, I am a happy camper. Living very close to the middle of nowhere, I knew it was going to mean a roadtrip to see an indie movie but I could have done without the pouring rain all the way to the theater and the pea soup fog all the way home. Would I do it all again? You bet!