April 1, 2005 - by jdducker

Well I have never posted a review of a movie before but here goes. Before I went to see the movie I only had a basic idea of the story. I didn't want to be too spoiled. I loved this movie from start to finish. Never once looked down at a watch to see how long we had to go. I thought the acting was so good. Like so many other people have said Anton is very good in the role. I was really impressed with Zelda Williams in her role.

One thing I liked a lot about the movie was the look and feel of it. You really feel like you are back in the 70s. All the attention to detail was worth it. My husband just made this noise when they showed the green bike for the first time and I whispered to him remember those.

The relationships between Tommy and his mother and then Tommy and Pappass are well done. The love and worry that Tommy has for his mother is so touching. From his urinating on the cigarette butts to sleeping under her bed to make sure she is ok tells us a lot about Tommy. The one scene that stood out for me was his taking the cigarette butts from the water and the they way he handles them brings tears to me.

I can't wait to pay for a ticket to go see this again. Hopefully it won't be too long.