TV Guide
Apr. 24-30

Catching up With...
David Duchovny

Best known as

Special Agent Fox Mulder on cult classic The X-Files (1993-2002)

What he's been up to

Writing, directing and costarring in House of D, with Robin Williams, wife Tea Leoni and Anton Yelchin in the lead role as Duchovny's character at 13. "It's a coming-of-age film about what it is to grow up and how you have to leave certain things behind," says Duchovny, 44. He knows House of D is no blockbuster, but if he draws just a quarter of his X-Files audience, he says, "the movie would be a huge hit."

What he thinks about returning to TV

"Never say never. I'd have to feel like there was a show as good as The X-Files, and I honestly don't think that's possible. The X-Files was all about more and more, and TV now is about downsizing and reality shows." Still Duchovny watches some reality. "I like The Contender. I box, so I'm a fan of the sport. And unlike other reality shows, it's not a subjective outcome. There's clearly a winner and a loser." He also likes The Apprentice and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Next stop

Costars in the romantic comedy Trust the Man, with Julianne Moore, Billy Crudup and Maggie Gyllenhaal. "I've been doing a lot of writing and developing, too. I have another script that I'm going to direct about a father and son coming to terms with one another before the father dies. It sounds like a downer, but it's actually a comedy called 'Bucky F---ing Dent.' You'll never see that name in print." At least not fully spelled out. - Ali Gazan

House of D opens nationwide April 29