By Christine Leigh

Summary: Post-season nine. Alternate universe - The events of Jump the Shark, William, and most of The Truth did not happen here. Set during Christmas time. Written for The Haven's 155 Word Dear Santa Challenge.
Rating: G
Category: V, AU
Spoilers: None.

December 2010

Dear Santa,

What I would like the most for Christmas is to go home. I love my mom and dad and want them to be happy. I think they are most of the time, but sometimes I hear them talk about home and the people they knew before. I'm not sure what that means, but I think it might be before they had me. I know I have a grandma. Mom told me once that she took care of me "before." I want to see her, and I hope that she wants to see me. And my dad has some friends he misses. I'll miss my friend Tom a lot if we leave here, so I know how my dad feels about his friends.

Santa, my friend Tom told me that you aren't real. I kind of was thinking that myself anyway, but have decided that you are. I want to believe.


William Mulder

~ End ~

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