The Invisible Sun
By Christine Leigh

Summary: Hearts and minds converse. Written for X-Files Drabbles FTF Soundtrack Lyrics Challenge.
Rating: G
Category: V.
Spoilers: None.

"Mulder, it's starting to snow again. I should go."


"Well, it will be darker before it will be lighter; the roads will be clearer now than later. It'll be easier."

"Darker before lighter, yeah; clear roads. I understand that. Easier is relative. If you stay, it doesn't signify."

"How is that?"

"Easier is you, here. There's no comparison to be made; no control group, if you will."

"Are you conducting an experiment?"


"I do love looking at it from inside."


"The invisible sun."


"That's you."

"That's how you see me?"

"That's how I feel you. You emanate warmth Mulder."



"If I told you I feel a heat wave coming on, would you stay?"


"Can I stay a little longer?"

"Of course. Why do you bother asking?"


"Perhaps it's time to adopt a new habit."

"Such as?"

"You, here. No questions."

"There aren't any that matter much now, are there?"

"I can think of one."

"I'm sorry -- don't know how I could forget. Scully, I will return."

"I believe that, Mulder."

"Good. Why so pensive?"

"The baby kicked today. I felt him or her today for the first time."

"If I could take this all back, Scully, you know I would."

"Of course. It was so gentle, the kick."

"I want to touch you. I want to feel."

"Mulder, I still feel your warmth."

"I never wanted to be taken literally, Scully.

"You'll come back, and then you won't be."

"The Invisible Sun Returns."

"I'd pay to see that any day, Mulder."

"We'll go together. I promise. And now . . . "

"I know. Time to sleep."

"You need it. Our little quarterback needs it."

"We need you."

"Soon. Close your eyes."

~ End ~

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