A List for Scully Jr.
By Christine Leigh

Summary: Pearls of wisdom from Mulder and William to the soon-to-be newest family member. Sixth of a series of vignettes centering around Mulder and Will that may also be read as a stand-alone. The series starts approximately two years after the end of the show. This installment was written originally for The Haven's 310 Words of Advice to the Unborn Child Challenge.
Rating: G
Category: Vignette, AU

"Don't grow up." Mulder smiles at hearing this one from his four-year old collaborator. They had finished reading 'Peter Pan' two nights ago, and Peter's influence was manifesting itself in this last bit of advice. "Will, don't you think it's odd to tell someone who hasn't even started yet, to stop? The Lost Boys did grow up after all, at the end." Will shakes his head. "Peter didn't. And I'm not. I want her to play with me, so she can't grow up." Mulder has no rebuttal for this, so adds it to their list. The combination of rainy weather and an inclination toward silliness when left to their own devices has turned father and son into a couple of sages for an afternoon, and Scully Jr., as her father calls her, now has a list of highly specialized tenets to live by. Now, if she'd just get here. She's a week late and her family is getting antsy to meet their newest member.

"I think that does it then, Will. Mommy and Grandma are due back any time now. I think we'd better put the cushions back on the couch and do some quick clean-up around here." Mulder folded the piece of paper and put it in an envelope.

"Will, you did a good job."

"So did you, Daddy." They were quite pleased with themselves.

"Will she listen to us?"

"One can only hope. Maybe we'll read it to her tonight."


"Eat chocolate chip cookies." "Eat California Rolls, but take out the fish and unwrap them first." "Don't eat tofu." "Eat teriyaki chicken." "Sing in the car." "Ask Daddy to read to you." "Watch 'The Wizard of Oz.'" "Play with me." "Tell Mommy she's pretty." "Tell Daddy he's funny." "Don't run in the house." "Go to bed on time." "Try to be quiet when you wake up on Saturday and Sunday." "Make Grandma laugh, and pick flowers for her." "Tell Santa that you were good." "Eat cheese popcorn." "Don't grow up."

~ End ~

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