Not One Tear
By Christine Leigh

Summary: Season six. Scully's thoughts following the scene in the locker room after M and S have been decontaminated. Written for X-Files Drabbles "Temptation" Challenge.
Rating: PG-13
Category: 115 words.
Spoilers: One Son

Patient Zero? Bullshit. Agent Fowley, I'm on to you. I wish I could say that I have been always, but I did want to trust that you were a decent person when we first met. At worst, I was wary of you then. Now, I'm angrier than hell. You're sneaky and vile, and the way you've insinuated yourself back into Mulder's life and by extension mine, and into the X-Files makes me ill at times. And at other times, like now, well it's good I don't have my weapon, because the temptation to aim it between your shifty eyes and let it go with full force is powerful.

I wouldn't cry afterward. Not one tear.

~ End ~

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