One More Hour
By Christine Leigh

Summary: Mulder POV. Extended scene from Redux II.
Rating: G
Category: MSR, V
Spoilers: None.

One more hour, one more day
One more midnight
Fade away.

Trinity Hospital

All he wants is to turn back the clock. He keeps thinking of the scene from Superman where Christopher Reeve did just that, and he'd willingly don that silly outfit and fly around the earth if that would do the trick. He'd give his life in an instant and die happily, if it meant he could have back the time that they'd squandered on the mundane and the stupid. He'd give back every minute he'd spent searching for Samantha during the last four years and he'd forget that his father was murdered in cold blood. He would just live to be with her. They would go somewhere far away, and wait tables for a living if necessary. They'd be together and they would love each other. That's all. That's a life. It is the only life he wants, and its possibility is slipping away as he kneels here by her bedside. The sobs that were nearly choking him have stopped, but his breathing is still labored. She sleeps on. Even with the darkened skin beneath her eyes and the pallor of the rest of her face, she is beautiful. Nothing will ever stop her beauty while she is in his view; therefore, it is eternal.

The nurses don't know he's here, and he hopes not to be asked to leave if they discover him, because he won't go. He can't. Not yet. Every time he returns here to this horror chamber, he knows it may not be to a living person. He'd accused Bill of giving into the family tragedy, and tonight he feels like a hypocrite for having done so. Tonight the reality of what is happening is slamming him in the heart and he doesn't know what to do besides be here with her. He'd come on a selfish errand, but stayed because there was nothing more left. Just the two of them. Maybe she will awaken and smile at him. Another selfish wish, he knows, but he can't help himself. One more hour. That's all. That's not asking for much. One.

~ End ~

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Lyrics to "One More Hour" are by Randy Newman.