Title: Overheard
Author: phantagrae
Rating: PG? For bad words and innuendo.
Category: Vignette
Spoilers: Nope
Disclaimers: As if
Feedback: Yes, please. phantagrae@earthlink.net

Summary: Overheard in passing
Authors Notes: Written for the Haven Talk To Me Again Dialogue Challenge. Elements at the end. I'm over the word limit this time, but I actually added one word so that I wouldn't be at the dreaded 666!

*  * *  *  *

"So, we were really drunk by then and..."
"She was drunk, too?"
"Yeah, and I had this monstrous..."
"Hey, man. Sorry to interrupt..."
"Hey! I didn't think you came to these things."
"Yeah, well...listen, have you seen Agent Scully?"
"Nah, but I haven't been here very long."
"Oh, well, thanks anyway, man. See you later."
"Who was that?"
"'Spooky Mulder'!"
"Ooh, that was the infamous 'Spooky'?"
"So is Agent Scully his...?"
"Yup. She's his partner."
"Partner, or 'partner'?"
"Yup. Anyway, like I was saying..."

"So, then I said, 'That's it?' and she said, 'What do you want? Roses?'"
"Oh, that's cold, man."
"Hey, guys, sorry to interrupt, but have either of you seen Agent Mulder?"

"Well, hello..."
"Sorry, no, Dana. Haven't seen him. Did you try the bar?"
"Not yet. Thanks, Steve."
"Ooh, she called you 'Steve'. Since when are you two on a first-name basis?"
"Can it. We were in the Academy together. She's okay."
"I thought she was hooked up with Spooky."
"I don't know if she's exactly hooked up, but they're partners."
"Well, I heard..."

"So, she hitches up her skirt and I'm thinking..."
"I know what you were thinking. Why are you telling me this?"
"Sorry, baby. I, um..."
"Yeah. Whatever."
"Hey, Johnson. Sorry to interrupt, but have you seen..."
"Hi! I'm Andrea. Have we met?"
"Um...sorry, no. Um..."
"Agent Mulder, this is Andrea..."
"Andrea Stillson, from Accounting."
"Andrea Stillson, from Accounting."
"Hi. Nice to meet you."
"The pleasure's all mine, Agent Mulder."
"Johnson, have you seen Scully?"
"Ooh, the delightful Dana Scully! I wish. Sorry, man. Did you try the bar?"
"Not yet, thanks. Have a good evening, Miss Stillson."
"Thank you, Agent Mulder"
"I hope I find her before he does."
"You pig."

"So then I ducked into the bathroom to see if he had any..."
"No! To see if he had any..."
"Sshh! Check it out. Look who's coming this way."
"Hi, Dana! Are you here alone? I hear Ted Johnson has his eye out for you."
"Have either of you seen Agent Mulder? I've been trying to find him..."
"I thought I saw him talking to some blond woman over by the restrooms."
"No, that was Morrison, with the really bad breath."
"So, you haven't seen him?"
"I wish. Good luck, Dana!"
"She's such a snob."
"Did you check out her dress. What's that word? Dia...dia..."
"No, stupid. It's some Greek word...diaphanous!"
"What the hell does that mean? And where the hell did you learn a word like that?"
"I read. It was in that book I showed you, 'His Burning Love'. Remember?"
"Oh. I haven't finished it yet."
"It means..."
"I don't really care. Finish what you were telling me. You were in the bathroom..."
"Yeah, and..."

"So, he checks his schedule and tells me, 'I think I can pencil you in for Thursday afternoon.'"
"Pig. Did you slap him?"
"I should have kicked him in the..."
"Hey, girls, have you seen Agent Scully?"
"No, but she's bound to turn up. Why don't you hang around with us 'til she shows?"
"Um...thanks, but I don't want to miss her. Have a good evening, Sheila, Sybil."
"Man alive, I want to grab a piece of that."
"After me you can be first."

"He was actually snoring during the meeting. I thought Skinner was going to burst a blood vessel."
"What happened?"
"Skinner just...hey, speaking of Skinner, here's one of his pet agents."
"Hey, Scully. Can I buy you a drink?"
"Hi, Morgan. I'm actually looking for Mulder. Have you seen him?"
"Why don't you wait here with us? I'm sure he'll come along any minute now."
"Thanks, boys. I gotta go. See you later."
"I hear they really have a good time down in that basement office of theirs."
"She sure is pretty..."

"Mulder! Where have you been?"
"Looking for you. Where have you been?"
"Doesn't really matter now."
"Scully, let's get out of here."
"Yeah. Let's go somewhere more..."
"Your place or mine?"

*  * *  *  *

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600 words or less
All Dialogue

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