Theatre of the Mind ~ Conduit

1) How come mom gets the camper and the kids have to sleep on the ground?

2) Uh oh....

3) Owie ow ow ow!

4) Oh, no, Ruby's gone!

5) Who's Ruby?

6) A 302 based on a story in the "National Comet"? That's our Mulder.

7) Samantha T. Mulder born 1/22/65. Just wait--when "Paper Clip" rolls around, that'll be significant to nitpickers. :)

8) "OkoBOgee." I love when he tramples all over her personal space.

9) Whee, a slide show!

9) Awwww, he's looking at the little girl pictures and looking all sad and angsty. Go kiss it all better, Scully.

10) Great music here, Mark!

11) Mulder's good with Kevin.

12) Hey, I know those! Binary numbers!

13) Ooooo, shades of Poltergeist!

14) :::snicker::: "I'll send him a bundt cake."

15) Ooo, mysterious informant girl in the library stacks. It's like a Nancy Drew mystery!

16) Ruby was pregnant???

17) The Pennsylvania Pub. Gee, Mulder and Scully, y'all really blend in with the rest of the crowd. Nobody would EVER suspect you're Feds.

18) Just a bunch of crazy people howlin' at the moon, eh, Mulder?

19) Eeee, nice ear, dude.

20) So let me get this straight---the NSA busts into Scully's room in the middle of the night and asks where Mulder is? Shippers.

21) Wheee! Half-nekkid Mulder with bed head!

22) Aw, Scully, why'd you go and blab?

23) Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be a fed.

24) Hey, that's from the Brandenburg Concertos.

25) Give it up, Mulder---she's not going to talk to you now.

26) Amazing---Iowa looks just like Vancouver, too.

27) Why would Iowa have Arctic wolves?

28) Trivia question: When is the first time we see Mulder fire a gun? Answer--Conduit--into the air to scare off the wolves.

29) Hey, Mulder, you're disturbing a possible crime scene.

30) Aha---it's Greg.

31) I knew that chick from the library couldn't be trusted.

32) Oooo, I LOVE Interrogation!Mulder---"And then you killed Ruby. BAM!"

33) "Stop running after your sister. This won't bring her back." "Come with me or don't come with me. But until they find a body, I'm not giving up on that girl." Can you say double meaning?

34) Oooo! All that binary code makes a photo of Ruby!

35) Think she posed for it? :)

36) ::::snivel:::: "You know, I'm still walking into that room. Every day of my life."

37) Oh, no! There's lights coming over the hill!

38) Awwww, Mulder's protecting the boy with his body.

39) Hey, that's not a UFO! It's motorcycles!

40) "Mullllllldderrrrrrrr!" Watch him run! ;)

41) It's Ruby!

42) Hmmm, this is back when we still believed Scully could do CPR....

43) Prolonged weightlessness, eh? Lemme guess YOUR theory, Mulder....

44) "But she will remember one day, one way or another, even if it's only in dreams. And when she does, she's gonna wanna talk about it, she's gonna need to talk about it." Project much, Mulder?

45) Awww, Scully can stop a rampaging Mulder with just a touch.

46) She's listening to the tapes of his hypnosis session!

47) :::sniffle::: Mulder's crying in a church.

48) Have I mentioned this is great music?

49) :::waaaahhh:::: "It's telling me no harm will come to her, and that one day she'll return." "Do you believe the voice?" "I want to believe."

One of my favorite season one episodes. :)