Theatre of the Mind ~ Eve

1. Greenwich, Connecticut. Welcome to Mrs. Mulder's neighborhood.

2. Teena must be a popular name in New England.

3. Remind me not to go swinging in Connecticut. Eww!!

4. Over four liters of blood lost. Running on empty? I'd say he was running on fumes!

5. Mulder slide show. Yippee!

6. It's a dead cow.

7. Thanks for explaining digitalis to Dr. Scully, Agent Mulder.

8. Lots of round windows in state-run facilities.

9. Scully is so sweet with children. Even the bad seeds.

10. The men from the clouds and red lightning. Now you've got Mulder's attention.

11. "They wanted to exsanguinate him? " Now you've really got his attention!

12. The same thing has happened clear across the country! Let's go!

13. The murders happened at the exact same time. Remember there is a 3-hour time difference between the coasts, Scully.

14. Aha! So this explains how you and I defy the laws of physics as we fly back and forth across the country in every episode!

15. Oh, oh. Teena is missing. Only her bunny is left behind.

16. Mulder and Scully call at the Reardon home with the Mulder knock - Shave and a Haircut . . .

17. Hey, Scully. Apparently Teena can fly across the country faster than you and I can.

18. This isn't Teena at all. It's Cindy. Why didn't they just call them Morgan and Wong?

19. Cartoons or CNN? I make this same choice every Saturday.

20. Abducted . . . kidnapped . . . po-TAY-to . . . . po-TAH-to . . . Mulder almost singing! Can you dig it?

21. Thanks for explaining in-vitro infertilization to Dr. Scully, Dr. Katz.

22. Look, it's Frasier's agent. Perpetuating that myth that all agents are bloodsuckers.

23. Tampering with genetic material in fertilized ova in the lab prior to implant. What will these XF writers think of next?

24. Scully looks incredulous at the thought of genetic experimentation. She was so much younger then, she's older than that now.

25. Mulder!Glasses! Woo-hoo!

26. A cryptic phone call. Okay, Scully, time to say goodnight!

27. What's a girl? Mulder, clean those lenses. There's one standing right in front of you! In your room, no less!

28. What's a girl (redux)? No wonder it has taken the MSR 7+ years to get off dead center.

29. Are you sure the little woman hasn't followed you, Mulder?

30. I think Deep Throat secretly wants to be Mulder's daddy. He always wants them to take in a ball game together!

31. The Litchfield Experiment . . . creating Adam and Evil.

32. The first of many trips to the loony bin for these two.

33. Panic buttons . . . Scully's thinking about keeping hers for later use.

34. It's a good thing no one's ever gotten a real good look at Eve 6. She is in serious need of some Pepsodent!

35. "I bit into his eyeball. I meant it as a sign of affection!." Most people just send a card.

36. "She is me and I am her and we are all together." Story of my life.

37. Eve comes to kidnap Cindy dressed as the Unabomber.

38. Eve explains the girls' genetic flaws. But how did they learn about each other?

39. "We just knew." These little girls are creepier than the Olson twins!

40. Surprise, girls. Eve is going to raise you and protect you from yourselves.

41. Surprise, Eve! The joke's on you!

42. They cultivate their own poison. Industrious little girls with a future in horticulture!

43. Scully points out that the girls should be checked out by a doctor. Yoo-hoo! Paging Dr. Scully!

44. Domestic bliss: Ma & Pa Mulder and their two little demons on a road trip. Are we there yet?

45. "Can you hold it?" Typical man.

46. Don't they look like the perfect family in the truck stop? And Mulder even knows what Scully likes to drink. Sigh! And she had to pick root beer instead of iced tea!

47. "My Dad'll pay for it when he gets out of the bathroom." Don't ya love hearing Mulder called "Dad"?

48. And what a good Dad. "Do you wanna pay?"

49. But a bad role model: Sticking his fingers in green goo again!

50. Mulder, don't put that in your mouth, you don't know where it's been!

51. "Scully, I just want to open the car door for you!" Who are you and what have you done with my Mulder?

52. Who's up for a good game of hide and seek?

53. Mulder's got em! Oops, foiled by a good Samaritan with a 12-gauge.

54. "These are America's most wanted?" Lordy, if you only knew!

55. I was positive M&S could outsmart two eight-year-olds! (Well, I was pretty sure!)

56. Just little girls? "That's the last thing you are."

57. Teena and Cindy no more, Eve 9 and Eve 10 get their own padded cells.

58. Eve 8 to the rescue; and finally, the Eves are reunited. She is me and I am her and we are all together.

59. Well, there wasn't much MSR in this episode. So how did all the shippers know this early in Season 1 that M&S would eventually wind up together?

60. We just knew.