Theatre of the Mind ~ Fallen Angel

Apologize, but it looked like fun, so I wanna play too-if that's ok? :)

1. Oh, nice jacket.

2. Flashbacks-bright light-they're heeeerre(no wait, that was last week)

3. Deep Throat, hmmm. Wonder what his contract says, he shows at in the weirdest times.

4. Did I say nice jacket?

5. Aw Mulder. You know you shouldn't be there--you're going to get caught-didn't you learn your lesson in Deep Throat.

6. Guess not-told you so.

7. MAX!

8. NICAP! I know that hat!

9. Max would make a great Lone Gunman.

10. Play nice Mulder-make a friend.

11. Scully looks like an angel in this lighting-is that where the name comes from. Probably not.

12. Mulder, she came to rescue you-don't be snippy-she's trying to save you from yourself. There you go.

13. Where's Max?

14. They're sharing a suite?!?!

15. Housekeeping-chuckle.

16. Hey it's Max, you can trust him-he's harmless.

17. MFLuder--maybe he's not harmless.

18. Mulder, I'm paying attention too, so's Scully--you keep wearing that jacket and we're all paying attention.

19. The enigmatic Dr. Scully (snort)

20. How fast can Mulder knock Max away from his Scully? Pretty damn. Nice territorial Mulder. Good boy.

21. "The Enigmatic Dr. Scully"-sounds better when you say it Mulder.

22. Nice place, Max.

23. Men with spartan existences. Why does this make me want an Apollo 11 key chain?

24. Max is takin' pills.

25. Get to the point Max.

26. Oh, interesting-he did have a point.

27. Mulder, that guys an jerk, don't waste your time.

28. Oh wow--the fence moved-freaky. Camra man must be on Max's drugs.

29. "They're done!"

30. Scully gets to stay in the hospital! You tell them Mr. Canadian Dr! Eh?

31. Can Mulder stay too? I like it when they play Dr.

32. Guess not, Aw, Max has epilepsy. Mulder, it's okay, he'll be okay, you've done well.


34. They should've stocked the firdge.

35. They ARE sharing a suite!

36. "please, for me"?

37. Where's Max?

38. Oh NO! No no no! Poor Mulder-he loses everyone-and he promised too. Damn.

39. See, I knew Scully just wanted to get him back to the meeting to help him!

40. Break a leg-snort.

41. Lies stamped with an official seal-nice Mulder!

42. "Keep your friends close, but you're enemies even closer"-what!?!? I thought DT was a friend. Crap. I don't get this show. Machevilli or 'The Godfather?'.

Sorry for stepping on TOTM folks toes, but wanted to play--and just watched this one :)