Theatre of the Mind ~ Ice

Better late than never, right?

1) We're not who we are? Who are we? Not who we are? Hmmm....

2) Okay, I could see that coming a mile away.

3) Brilliant or expendable. Fatalistic much, Mulder?

4) :::snicker::: "Bring your miiitttennnns."

5) Gee, think Morgan and Wong are Chargers fans?

6) Just wanna know that you are who you say you are? Can you hit the theme any harder, boys? I'm not quite sure I got it...

7) :::snort::: Mulder and the I.D. "It's you!"

8) I like Bear. "The only credentials that I have is that I'm the only pilot willing to fly you up there. You don't like those credentials... walk."

9) "Flashing." Tsk, tsk, Scully, don't tease him like that.

10) Dog attack! Not the package! Anything but the package!

11) Bubonic plague? Way to go, Mulder. And I thought the beast woman was bad....

12) Eeeee, something's moving under his skin!!!

13) Aaaaaghhh! Bear has the black nodules! Aaaaggghh!

14) Gee, Denny---can you pay attention for a moment? The Chargers suck anyway.

15) Ammonia niwhatsit? Okay---whatever.

16) Ewww, what's that wiggly thing in the ice core sample?

17) Whee, Scully made a leap!

18) Ugh, did you have to say "stool sample"? We're not going to have to watch, are we?

19) Guess not. Bear "ain't droppin' his cargo for no one."

20) Thank God that jar was empty when he hit Mulder with it!

21) Bear's got the wormy thing under his skin!

22) Ew---surgery right here?

23) "Welcome to the top of the world, Agent Mulder." Hee hee.

24) Uh oh! Bear's dead.

25) Hypothalmus. Oh yeah, THAT explains it.

26) Okay, I guess it DOES explain it. :::sheepish grin:::

27) Mommmmmmm....Mulder and Scully are arguing again....

28) Ooo, strip search!

29) Oh darn. They're segregating.

30) :::snicker::: "We ARE in the arctic."

31) Night night, Mulder. Night night, Scully.

32) Gee, thanks, Mulder. Now I'm sure to sleep well....NOT.

33) Bosom Buddies? :::groan:::

34) Geesh, DaSilva's a wimp.

35) Oh, no! Blood!

36) Alas, poor Denny, we hardly knew ye.

37) Yikes! Put down the guns! You know how we kids hate it when Mommy and Daddy draw weapons on each other....

38) You may not be who you are, Mulder, just in case you missed the theme the first few times.

39) Yadda yadda yadda, science science science, ooo, the worms are fighting, whee the dog is cured...which brings us to....

40) NECK CHECK!!!!!!!!!

41) Let's savor it some more. Scully pulls his shirt down...runs her small, delicate doctor's fingers over his back. He gives a little shiver and his eyes flutter shut at her touch. Her fingers move across him more forcefully, pressing the muscles, sending little shudders of sensation down his back. Finally, she lets go and relaxes, realizing that he's not infected. She turns, a little half laugh of relief escaping her lips when...he grabs her, his large, strong hands curling over the curve of her shoulder. She gasps with surprise and maybe something else, something darker and hotter. He slides the wisps of copper hair away from her neck and runs his hands over her pale flesh in gentle but thorough strokes. As his hands move over her flesh, we shift scenes to allow our minds to wander where they will...

42) Um...was there anything else to this episode after that?

43) Oh, yeah---DaSilva and Hodge lock Scully in the room and try to wormify Mulder, but then Hodge sees the worm crawling in DaSilva's neck. DaSilva runs for it, Mulder lets Scully out and they go after her. Scully tackles her, then she and Mulder hold her down while Hodge administers the worm to her ear. All done! :::dusts off hands:::

44) Oh, yeah---sorry, Mulder---the evidence is gone. Again.