Theatre of the Mind ~ The Jersey Devil

As the film rolls on the screen in my mind....

1) Hey, that's Chuck Burks!

2) Noooo, don't get out of the car!

3) Told ya.

4) Anti Gravity is right! ;)

5) "You feelin' lucky Scully?" No, but she'd probably like to GET lucky....

6) Eeee, human teeth marks. One too many days at summer camp.

7) Why, Agent Mulder--is that a proposition?

8) You're ditching Mulder in Atlantic City for a kid's birthday? Oh, Scully. :::shaking head disappointedly::::

9) Galaxy Gateway Hotel? That sounds like...a dive. ;)

10) Love the vest, Scully.

11) Geesh, what a klutzy kid! Survival of the fittest, punkin'--learn it. Live it.

12) Ewww, the dog's eating the cake!

13) Yeah, Scully, how about that guy you work with?

14) You said he was cute? Oooooo.

15) He's not a jerk! He's just misunderstood.

16) Or obsessed with his work. Whatever.

17) Icky ick---UDB! :(

18) No, Scully, don't SMILE at him! He might get ideas.

19) He's got ideas. :::sigh::::

20) Nice artwork, Mr. Homeless Man. Ever thought of taking one of those drawing tests you see in magazines?

21) Oh--you didn't draw it? Nevermind.

22) I guess the Galaxy Gateway is only a semi-dive---it DOES have HBO.

23) Too bad this was pre-Sopranos.

24) My, Mulder looks so natural sleeping on a slab of cardboard....NOT.

25) Some hulking beast man is lurking on the rooftops and the police arrest Mr. Armani? Go figure.

26) Mulder, you're not exactly making friends with this Detective with this attitude of yours. In case you had any illusions.

27) The drunk tank? Great, Scully. Say it out loud. Now everybody in the bullpen knows what Spooky's been up to.

28) Hungry much, Mulder?

29) You have a date? I TOLD you not to smile at him!

30) :::snort::: Can she cancel? Yeah, that's going to win her heart, Mulder.

31) Hey, that's Julio from Sanford and Son! Or Chano from Barney Miller! Whichever.

32) Scully, I think Mulder's making friends with your former professor. Watch out--soon Dr. Diamond will be out in the woods looking for the East Coast Bigfoot.

33) Gee, Scully, could you be any more bored with this guy? Try not to yawn, sugar.

34) Mmmm, Mulder's glasses.

35) Aww, he's looking up at the clock, wondering what excuse he can come up with to interrupt Scully's date.

36) The beast man is dead? Hmm....wonder who Mulder saw on the roof?

37) You know, I thought those looked like breasts, too. I just didn't want to say that, in case I was wrong and I insulted the artist....

38) Whew! Saved by the cell phone, Scully.

39) Okay, I was partially right---Mulder has Dr. Diamond in an Atlantic City warehouse looking for the East Coast Bigfoot.

40) Aww, Mulder and Scully bonding in the dark warehouse. It's

41) Watch out--the coppers have arrived!

42) If Mulder jumps out a window, Scully, does that mean you have to, too?

43) Okay, I guess it does.

44) You run with the beastwomen, Mulder, you end up bloody and alone.

45) Awww, she's playing doctor.

46) I LOVE this scene with Mulder in the ambulance and Scully on the phone.

47) "That is such crap!" Hee hee.

48) Oh, no! She pulled out the dart!

49) Hey, what's the big deal about NYPD Blue! We got a butt shot of the beast woman here.

50) Noooo! Don't shoot her!

51) Mulder ain't gonna be happy about this!

52) Told ya.

53) :::sniffle:::: "Why'd you have to kill her?"

54) Oh, no---it's Mr. Boring Estate Lawyer on the phone.

55) "Not at this time." Yay! We win this round!

56) :::snicker::: Don't promise you'll hurt him like the beastwoman, Scully. He LIKES that.