Theatre of the Mind ~ Lazarus

1. Perhaps the biggest X-File in this episode is what the hell is Scully doing on this bank stakeout in the first place?

2. Episode Seconds: For only the second time, Scully and/or Mulder appear in the teaser. (First was BTS; forgot to mention that in BTS TOTM).

3. I think I saw that hat in the Blair Witch Project.

4. She's calm, cool, and collected, and a crack shot too.

5. Jack flatlines for over 13 minutes, but Scully will never say die, so to speak.

6. DOCTOR Scuully is quite the doctor. Her directions seem to be jumpstarting two patients.

7. Guess not. Old bank robbers never die, their tattoos just fade away.

8. Perhaps this is what happened to Scully's tattoo since we've never seen it since Never Again.

9. Jack/Pre awakens two days later, sees himself in mirror, and realizes not only am I not dead, I'm taller and better looking.

10. That rigor mortis is one tough nut to crack. Ouch! Hope Dupre wasn't wearing his favorite jockey shorts.

11. Did you say mutilation? Agent Mulder is on the case.

12. JackPre goes home long enough to react to a plane flying overhead. Thanks, we might have missed that later on.

13. The Case of the Mysterious Reappearing Tattoo. Sounds like a Nancy Drew Mystery.

14. Time for Intuitive Mulder Leap (two heartbeats, one man came back but which one) and Scully Rationalization (instrument malfunction, electrical overload, stress of the case). Yada, yada, yada.

15. Pop quiz, Agent Scully: "What can you tell me about near death experiences?" She'll get back to you in about 11 months.

16. Especially since you're Dr. Daly from "One Breath." Perhaps that's why he was so anxious to pull the plug!

17. This should be the Mulder/Scully theme song: "I sense a big but coming."

18. Scully had a life before Mulder? The plot thickens.

20. Do you think Scully got an A in that course? They even had the same birthday.

21. So intense, so relentlessly determined . . . do you see a pattern emerging here?

22. JackPre is definitely a man in love. Her name was Lula, she was a bad girl . . .

23. Okay, Agent Mulder, you think you're so smart. You figured out the brother was watching television but what SHOW was he watching?

24. Love Snide!Mulder "Jack, good to see you back among the living."

25. Can't you accept that this isn't an X-File? Can't you accept that it is? More yada, yada, yada.

26. "Just because someone forgets a birthday, doesn't mean that he's been possessed." That's good news for you, Mulder.

27. Stress affects your cursive standards? It's a wonder I can write at all sometimes!

28. Kick!Ass Scully helps JackPre hunt down Lula and slaps the cuffs on her.

29. JackPre then requests Scully to slap the cuffs on herself. Scully doesn't remember Jack being this kinky before.

30. Finding herself cuffed to the radiator and not the bed, Scully fears that Mulder was right AGAIN!

31. Episode First: Scully gets abducted/kidnapped/held hostage for the first time.

32. Mulder, in the future when you have to prove to Scully that you are trapped in someone else's body, you might want to take some lessons from Jack. His story included romantic bonding on the beach; all you could come up with was bee pollen and yogurt.

33. Personally, Lula, I think you did better the second time around.

34. Two Danas in one phone call. Wow!

35. Scully tries to reach Jack with tales of their weekend in Pine Barren. This is possibly too much information.

36. Important XF information: Scully's birthday (same as Jack's remember) is February 23.

37. How come JackPre's body remembered it's diabetic but didn't remember that it's right handed?

38. Profiler!Mulder tries to get inside the heads of Jack, Dupre, and Lula at the same time. It must be gettin' crowded in there!

39. JackPre learns that the beloved Lula isn't as lovely as he thought, and especially not in that beret.

40. "You listen to me. You lay one hand on Scully and so help me God . . ." That's love.

41. And he knows Scully's cell phone number by heart. That's really love.

42. Mulder gets to play with fun high tech FBI equipment. And looks really great in this scene, I might add.

43. De plane! De plane! (I knew that would be important.)

44. At last, Agent Mulder gets a little respect (but just a little).

45. "For those of you who remember ninth grade math . . ." I think it's best not to insult these guys Mulder.

46. But even those hard hearted FBI agents can't resist: "For those of you who don't know already, this one's important to me, so let's do it right," with the little catch in the voice. Not a dry eye in the house.

47. Scully finds Jack long enough to reminisce about their frolic in the snow.

48. Undercover FBI agent at door should have tried to sell Lula his hat instead of the Bible.

49. JackPre feigns death to get the drop on Lula.

50. Purely selfish commentary: Mulder in FBI Raid Wear! Hoo Boy!

51. Mulder & Co. arrive just after the nick of time. Mulder only has eyes for Scully, while Scully only has eyes for Jack. Did you notice his FBI Raid Wear, Scully?

52. Mulder retrieves Jack's watch for "D", which she notices has stopped at the exact time that Jack originally went into cardiac arrest. What does it mean?

53. Oh, thought I'd tell you that I solved the X-File. In the original script, Dupre was supposed to leap into Agent Mulder, so I guess Scully would have been on the bank stakeout with Mulder and we would have had some major Mulder!Torture. Dern it!

54. So there's the TOTM, delayed by major storms and broken message boards, but still prevailing in the end, rising from the dead like Lazarus. Guess it means whatever you want it to mean.