Theatre of the Mind ~ Shadows

1) THIS is why I don't have an ATM card.

2) Where are these kids' parents?

3) Eee, the corpse moved!

4) Yes! Put on those glasses, Mulder!

5) Those people are singularly unhelpful.

6) Ewww, look at their throat X-rays!

7) Nooooo, don't take off the glasses!

8) "I willingly participated in a campaign of disinformation."Yeah, I'll try that one on my mom, see if she buys it.

9) "How Carrie got even at the prom?" Hee hee.

10) Oooo, he's putting his arm around her!

11) Hah! The glasses are not just adorable, they're an investigative tool!

12) Graves! :)

13) This Mr. Dorland person is kinda creepy.

14) How can Mulder look at a blip on an ATM tape and decide it's something meaningful? I can barely make out the faces of people I KNOW are people.

15) Pretty cat!

16) Mulder just doesn't take no for an answer, does he?

17) :::snort::: "Have you ever seen this person before?" "Yeah, sure---that's Mr. BIG BLOBBY BLUR." :::rolling eyes::::

18) Eee, the car's moving backwards by itself!

19) "...a waiting-in-line-at-the-DMV-sized headache." Boy, do I know the feeling.

20) First Carrie, now Poltergeist---our Scully is a horror fan.

21) Hee hee---Tom Braidwood finally gets a parking place....

22) Oh, how sad. :( His daughter was only 3 when she died.

23) Ooo, Mulder now does magic photography! What a guy!

24) Eeee, it's Howard Graves!

25) Ewwwwww, blood in the tub!

26) Elvis!

27) "Howard Graves is very dead." :::snicker:::

28) "It was him." "How do you know?" "It said so on the toe tag." :::snort:::

29) I KNEW that Dorland guy was a creep.

30) Howard Graves IS very dead.

31) Why is Mulder always the one who gets to see the cool stuff?

32) Oh, the ghouls from Act One are back.

33) Mulder and Scully make a pretty good team in "the box."

34) This does a good job of showing us where Mulder and Scully were, philosophically, in Season One. Mulder wants to experience the paranormal. Scully just wants to solve the case.

35) I love when Mulder and Scully work with other federal agents!

36) And once AGAIN Mulder gets to see the cool stuff while Scully stands outside, banging on the door.

37) Wow, that reminds me--I need to clean up my house....

38) "I'd settle for a life in this one." Wouldn't we all, hon.

39) Mark it down folks---another Mulder/Scully Hidden Date (tm). Let's go to the Liberty Bell!