Theatre of the Mind ~ Space

Now we all know that everyone has one episode of the X-Files that may not be very popular with the masses, but it is their secret pleasure . . . and I doubt that Space is that episode for anyone (LOL). But just so we can say we have all the Theatre of the Mind bases covered, here is my take on Space!

1. This reporter needs to update her wardrobe . . . oh, it's 1977.

2. Water on Mars. Fascinating . . . (zzzzzzz)

3. I hear R.E.M. in the background: If you believe that there's a man on the moon . . . er, Mars . . .

4. One small step for man, one giant face in the ceiling.

5. Theme music. Mulder & Scully IDs. Best thing in this episode so far.

6. Houston, we have a problem. This episode is boring. Bring on Moose & Squirrel.

7. FINALLY, Moose & Squirrel. Just sittin' on the steps talking'. Mulder's hair is looking good, pre-flowbie.

8. At last, here's our contact. Unexplained phenomenon, huh? Well, who you gonna call? Mr. & Mrs. Spooky, of course!

9. Aw, her fiancee is the shuttle commander and she's scared.

10. Don't worry, ma'am, we'll figure out what's wrong. That's why they put the I in FBI, after all.

11. M&S get a fun go-cart ride. Scully, we enjoyed the Liberty Bell so much. When this case is over, how 'bout we go to Disney World?

12. Alien civilizations . . . I was wondering when he'd get around to that.

13. I thought Mulder's Holy Trinity was Willy Mays, Frank Serpico, and Micah Hoffman? Sorry, Col. Belt, you didn't make the top three. Close, but no cigar.

14. Guess wanting to grow up and be an astronaut is a guy thing.

15. Aw, isn't ga-ga Mulder cute? I think this is the first time we've ever seen him speechless.

16. Gee, can we stay and watch liftoff? Please, Mom, can we, huh,huh? Please?

17. "Didn't you want to get his autograph? " Dont' be snotty, Scully, let the boy have his heroes!

18. Scully's not impressed. She thinks Col. Belt is lying!

19. Scully, are you suggesting that Mulder's hero would willfully participate in a campaign of misinformation?

20. The shuttle's getting ready to launch! 3-2-1-liftoff! Thrusters at full throttle. Scully, does this remind you of anything at all?

21. Yeah, Mulder, your being there made all the difference: big thumbs up to you!

22. So Mulder fulfilled one of his boyhood fantasies. Scully, wouldn't you like to help him fulfill another?

23. "Ranks right up there with getting a pony and learning to braid my own hair." Scully, you are too funny.

24. Pouring rain, trouble tuning the radio. Didn't we just see this episode?

25. Look out for the face in the windshield!

26. Well, look on the bright side, Michelle. You had an accident, but it stopped raining immediately.

27. Doctor Scully, don't you ever watch ER? You're not supposed to move accident victims.

28. But at least you did remember to try and feel for a pulse. That's good thinking, except she is sitting up talking to you.

29. Oh, oh. Mission control is cutting off contact with the ship. What was the name of this episode again? Apollo 1013?

30. Clapping!Mulder celebrating again. Repeat, Mulder, you really didn't have anything to do with this.

31. Oops, I dropped off there for a minute. Did anything happen while I was gone?

32. Apparently not.

33. Well, at least Mulder is still looking good. This was when he still had that pesky lock of hair falling over his forehead. Sigh! I miss good Mulder/Scully hair.

34. Poor, Mulder. Another hero shot to hell.

35. Ewww, freaky face morphing. Oh my God, Casper the Friendly Ghost has been living in his body!

36. Oh, oh. Now the shuttle is "thumping." That can't be good.

37. I love how Mulder translates all this NASA mumbo-jumbo for Scully's benefit, in a sexy whisper, no less. Perhaps if this FBI thing doesn't work out, he has a future as a golf commentator.

38. You know, this episode does become much more interesting if you imagine that they're trying to save Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, and Bill Paxton.

39. Mulder, you are getting mighty touchy/feely with Michelle in this episode. If you're going to put your hands on somebody's waist, how 'bout the little redhead?

40. I do like Moose and Squirrel sittin' on the floor in the records room.

41. Well, back to the shuttle action. Luckily, they were able to launch their satellite payload. Mulder will be able to get the Playboy channel for years to come.

42. Col. Belt seriously wigging out. Don't worry, Moose & Squirrel are here to rescue you!

43. "Get a doctor," Mulder says. Psssst: check to your right, Mulder.

44. Okay, the paramedics have arrived. NOW Scully wants to play doctor.

45. But now MULDER wants to play doctor. "Col. Belt, watch my finger." (Better than pull my finger, I suppose.)

46. It's the amazing Muldini! You are getting sleepy, very sleeeeepy! (Don't tempt us, Mulder.)

47. Now it looks like Mulder is laying his hands on Col. Belt. You know, maybe if that FBI thing and that golf commentating thing don't work out, Mulder could go on the road with the Brother Mulder's Traveling Salvation Show!

48. The shuttle pilots think they got some spooky stuff up there? Hey, we got some better Spooky stuff down here.

49. Mulder's got the word from Col. Belt. Change the reentry trajectory! But where can they land?

50. Point Me in the Direction of Albuquerque. (That was a Partridge Family song.)

51. Now we have Celebrating!Scully and Celebrating!Mulder. Well, I guess this time they did help out a little so they're entitled.

52. Mulder, you're supposed to hug SCULLY, not Michelle! What is the point of celebrating if you hug the wrong person?

53. Still possessed by Casper, Col. Belt takes a flying leap. Watch that first step, it's a doozy!

54. Scully just heard about Col. Belt? It was in all the papers (which Mulder happens to be reading). Let your subscription lapse again, Scully?

55. Moose & Squirrel attend funeral so Mulder and Michelle can nod at each other and Scully can wear another red suit. The one time black is appropriate and she's in red? Go figure.

56. The end. Best thing about this episode? Mulder's hair. No contest.

Hope this didn't ruin the love that everyone seems to have for this little episode.

Not Paula or Amy but doing her best,