Theatre of the Mind ~ Squeeze

I know this is kinda late in the day, but it's been a long day for me. ;) Anyway--here's today's installment of Theater of the Mind. Today's episode: "Squeeze"

1) Eeee, creepy yellow glowing eyes in the sewer grate!

2) Hey, mister---don't go in there!

3) Ewwwww,, fake off. Just coffee.

4) Hey, Mr. Smarmybutt--who're you callin' spooky?

5) Come on, Scully--take up for Mulder! Good girl.

6) Do you think I'm spooky? Ohhhh, yeah, baby.

7) :::snicker::: "Do you know how much liver and onions go for on Reticula?"

8) Okay, he really IS spooky--fingerprint on the vent.

9) Mmmmmmm, glasses.

10) You think he's a century-old, liver-ingesting serial killer? No wonder they call you Spooky.

11) "C'mon, Scully--play with me, not with the other kids. 'Kay?"

12) Since when does Scully write profiles?

13) Boy, listen to Mulder's Noo Yawk accent in the parking garage.

14) Who wears a suit jacket with a plaid shirt?

15) Hey, there's something in that air conditioning duct!

16) He told her she was right. Right that down--he won't say it often.

17) Okay, this Tooms guy is freaky, and I don't need a lie detector test to tell me that.

18) Who's it gonna be, Mrs. Spooky? Colton and the VCS or Mulder with the smoldering eyes and nibble-worthy lower lip? No contest.

19) "Sometimes the need to mess with their heads overcomes the millstone of humiliation."

20) Mmm, territorial.

21) He's touching her breast! No, wait...he's just going for the necklace.

22) Twice.

23) (I think the second time was for the breast)

24) Look at her grin. I'll BET she wants to know his theory.

25) She's eating sunflower seeds with him. Awww.

26) I wonder if that's how Santa gets down chimneys?

27) "The victim's" You GO, Scully.

28) Eeee, microfilm readers. :::Paula has a bad flashback to her college days:::

29) Mmmmm, glasses.

30) Aw, he thinks she's gonna be FBI Director someday. ("2,033.")

31) ::snort:: The anti-Waltons?

32) That guy doesn't look old enough to have investigated the murders in the thirties, does he?

33) Ewww, a piece of liver.

34) I love when they go into dark, musty places and use their flashlights.

35) Mulder don't stick your....finger in that. :::sigh:::

36) Aaaaaagggghhhhh! He grabbed her necklace!!!!

37) Man, those other FBI agents are snotty.

38) You tell him OFF, Scully! Colton's such a creep.

39) Aww, poor Mulder. He gets to the dance and nobody's there.

40) Watch out, Scully!

41) Yes! That's her necklace! Run, Mulder! Run to save your Scully!

42) Coooool bathroom, Scully.

43) Ewwwwww, how can I get this off my arm without betraying my cool exterior?

44) The guy can squeeze through an air vent and you're trying to HANDCUFF him?

45) Okay, I guess the handcuffs worked.

46) Eeeee, he's building a nest!

47) Awww, she's caressing Mulder's arm. Awww. ;)

48) Aggggh! Think he can get through that food vent? Agggghhh!