Theatre of the Mind ~ Young at Heart

1. It's 1989. Federal prison. Guy is screaming. Hand is missing. Wacky eyes. Doc with Bad Hair says he's dead. Guy blinks to prove he ain't.

2. Scully says, "I still don't get it. What does this have to do with us?" We were wondering the same thing.

3. Reg-gie, Reg-gie! (I fully expect to hear Wal-ter, Wal-ter! in Season 8.)

4. I think Mulder was so excited to see Reg-gie, that he forgot Scull-y's name there for a minute.

5. So Mulder did have some friends in the Bureau at one time. Unfortunately, being Mulder's friend in this particular episode has its drawbacks.

6. Important timeline established for X-Philes: 28 years old, right out of the Academy.

7. "I WAS full of it." Scully missed opportunity to tell him that he's STILL full of it.

8. They caught Barnett but Mulder messed up, went by the book, and an Agent got killed. Like this boy needs something ELSE to feel guilty about! Oy vey!

9. Agent Henderson flirts with Mulder but gets no response. Not even with that 10 minute comment.

10. But I can tell Mulder likes her cause he calls her by her last name. I think he does that with all the women he really likes. Got that, Diana?

11. Scully needs to know how this event has scarred Mulder for life. Let's go to the videotape!

12. But isn't it nice that Scully makes an effort to try and understand the man behind the myth? Aww.

13. Totally Worthless Commentary (TWC): Mulder's aim may be bad at this point, but he still looks good in FBI raid wear, even in fuzzy video.

14. From Mulder's comment, sounds like his mess-up videotape is one of the top10 rentals at the Bureau Blockbuster.

15. No, Mulder, if he was sending you haikus it would sound like this:

Fox put me in jail.
Fox can't guard the chicken coop.
Scully is cute chick.

16. This school obviously needs some boosters to raise funding for football field maintenance.

17. When I want to look inconspicuous, I wear one of those "Fargo" hats too!

18. More TWC: Great Mulder hair.

19. Barnett has potential as a photographer if this Fox-stalking thing doesn't work out.

20. "A hunted fox eventually dies." That's 10 syllables - still no haiku.

21. Don't feel bad, Scully. Reggie doesn't have his name on the door either. And he has to share with some other person. Who WAS that?

22. Good to know that Intuitive!Mulder was ALWAYS three jumps ahead of everyone else.

23. Mulder has convenient flashback to show off his eidetic memory.

24. Wonder if he'll remember the prosecutor again when he takes a "Detour" and chases mothmen in North Florida?

25. Mulder loses it on the witness stand, possibly because of his flat hair which looks just like it did in "Unusual Suspects." This couldn't be continuity, could it?

26. Wish Mulder would get his poetry straight. Now Barnett is sending valentines. Well, he did blow a kiss.

27. Barnett needs to bone up on his current affairs. Last time I checked, D.C. wasn't a state (though it wants to be).

28. His name is Mul-DER, not Mul-DAR.

29. That was a New Hampshire accent? I thought it sounded like a bad John Malkovich impression. I guess New Englander Mul-dar would know better than I.

30. Luckily, Mulder calls Reggie before Barnett comes to kill him. Much more dramatic that way.

31. "Funeral for Fox's friends, then for Fox." Unfortunately for you, Scully, that's a pretty short list.

32. Too bad Dr. Ridley didn't do some experimenting with his hairpiece.

33. Older, wiser Mulder finally realizes that Barnett may not be wiser, or older.

34. What exactly is a "healthy" 20 pounds?

35. Is Scully writing a field report or a Gothic romance novel? What's with the candelabra and spooky music?

36. Finally, the X-File: How did Dr. Ridley know where Scully lived, or that she was investigating him, for that matter?

37. More TWC: Love casual Mulder and Scully listening to Dr. Ridley's tale of human experimentation.

38. Queasy!Mulder can't quite stomach a salamander hand.

39. Oh, didn't know Dr. Ridley was dying. All is forgiven for the hairpiece.

40. "Unbelievable." Did it really take Scully 16 episodes to say that?

41. Mulder smells a government conspiracy. Say it ain't so!

42. Deep Throat makes appearance to confirm government conspiracy and so that Mulder can look good in the bar. (TWC #4?)

43. That's not Dana's real mom on the phone. You can't fool us.

44. Yes, parents do occasionally call for no reason. Usually at the most inopportune times.

45. Well, at least Scully had a social life back then, going to cello recitals with friends. That DOES sound exciting!

46. Kathy must need a lot of practice if she's still rehearsing that close to performance time.

47. And I'm glad they decided to wait until just before the show to tune the piano!

48. It's a nice reception before the recital, but they might want to think about seating the audience. It's getting crowded in the lobby. Oh, forgot Kathy is still practicing.

49. Scully is being used as human target, but that little wink makes it all worthwhile! :::sigh:::

50. Well, you knew it was gonna happen. Time for obligatory showdown with Barnett.

51. Mulder does dress rehearsal for scene he will play again in "Kitsunegari" four years later.

52. Thankfully, Mulder's aim is better the second time around.

53. Scully determines her face is still intact, then checks for bullet holes in rest of body.

54. "You're lucky to be alive." Gee, don't get all mushy on us Mulder. How about thanking her for putting her life on the line?

55. I know the "guy in the ugly suit, probably CIA," is supposed to be CSM, but you coulda fooled me.

56. Last TWC: Love the Mulder reflection in the glass.

57. I know I'm supposed to be concerned about the research in Locker No. 935, but I'm more intrigued by the chick in the hot pants/cowboy boots outfit w/cell phone.

58. In the end, Mulder thinks maybe we haven't heard the last from John Barnett. "Promises, promises."

59. But I did get the Moral of the Story: By-The-Book-Scully learns you can't always go by the book.

After all, "I was paying attention."