Theatre of the Mind ~ Die Hand Die Verletzt
(The one that's hard to spell and pronounce)

1. Die Hand Die Verletzt--"The hand that wounds".

2. I guess this was Bulldog's life before he started working at Frazier's radio station.

3. And that lady provided Mulder with the Krycek action figure in "Born Again"!

4. "Jesus Christ Superstar"? What is that drama teacher thinking!

5. How about "Grease" instead? My favorite line from Grease with an XF connection: "Elvis, Elvis, let me be! Keep your pelvis far from me!"

6. I can see now why people don't want to get involved in the PTA.

7. Girls, these boys didn't promise you a nice trip to the forest, did they?

8. I see rats by my feet, I'm outta there too.

9. There is something about Sheriff John Oakes that makes me want to do the Hokey Pokey.

10. James "Chargers" Wong and Glen "Bolts Baby" Morgan? This tribute certainly brought the Chargers luck in Super Bowl XXIX. (They lost to the 49ers 49-26.)

11. I heard my mama cry, I heard her pray The Night Chicago Died - Paper Lace - Devil music!

12. On the plus side, we learn about Mulder's idea of what makes a pretty good coffee table.

13. Mulder wonders where these people get these ideas about deeper conspiracies.

14. Now I have this mental picture of Scully listening to her Megadeth albums during her bubble bath.

15. I thought there was only a 30 percent chance of toad showers today!

16. "I guess their parachutes didn't open." LOL!

17. TWC1: Mulder chasing down Dave. Just a little woo-hoo, but a woo-hoo nonetheless.

18. Let that be a lesson to you, girls: Men who want to take a nice trip to the forest are only looking for one thing.

19. TWC2: Mulder in focus behind a fuzzy Scully. Bigger woo-hoo.

20. I was expecting that water fountain to get him, just like in the blooper reel!

21. Okay, tell the truth. How many ran over to the sink to watch their water drain after hearing about the Coriolis force?

22. Since the globe is rotating, any movement on the Northern hemisphere is diverted to the right, if we look at it from our own position on the ground. (In the southern hemisphere it is bent to the left). This apparent bending force is known as the Coriolis force. (Named after the French mathematician Gustave Gaspard Coriolis 1792-1843). I watch the Learning Channel too.

23. In a twist on the theory about teachers, Mrs. Paddock has eyes in the back of her desk.

24. TWC3: Mulder at the door of the counselor's office. That's a nice hoo-boy!

25. Scully hops on the internet to nitpick the inaccuracies of Nazi newspapers.

26. Bearberg points out that while Scully is surfing she gets a written message "PPP Connection Established" rather than the now familiar graphic representation of same. I'm not really sure what PPP stands for, but I do know that I usually go PP while my modem is dialing and the link is being established. Maybe that other "P" gives you additional options during that trip? Not sure. But I will be sure to check which way the water flows during flushing from now on! (Just for you, Bearberg!)

27. If you guys didn't have enough frogs available for dissection, I know where you could find some!

28. Maybe they were supposed to dissect frogs, but the person taking the order was hard of hearing and thought they said "hogs."

29. Shannon's tale of black masses and sacrifices is very scary, but is it to be believed?

30. Mulder gives Scully that little head nod several times in this episode; it means something different every time, but she's always able to decipher it. What a team!

31. Shannon is quite the resilient young lady! Yes, my stepfather abused me, I had three children that were murdered, but I don't want to miss that final!

32. I'm beginning to think perhaps Mrs. Paddock isn't a substitute teacher after all . . .

33. TWC4: Mulder looking at Shannon's bracelet. Tonight's holy flaming cow moment.

34. Mulder finds the basement with a dirt floor and red walls. Was Shannon telling the truth?

35. Scully's pen certainly gets violated a lot in this show. First in E.B.E., now this!

36. "Did you really think you could call up the Devil and ask him to behave?"

37. I'm really not sure why Mulder didn't take Ausbury with him when he got the call that Scully was in trouble, but I guess he wasn't thinking clearly. His mind was of but one thought: Save Scully!

38. The snake coming down those stairs freaks me out every time.

39. Rats and snakes . . . was Susan from "Survivor" in this episode by any chance?

40. I was really expecting a big burp from the snake, weren't you?

41. Instead I get a slurp from Mrs. Paddock and her serpentine eyes! Ewww!

42. Now Mulder knows what Scully's watching when he's watching those videotapes that aren't his.

43. Look out M&S! It's a trap!

44. The man just got hit in the head with an oxygen tank. You think a folding chair is gonna phase him?

45. Well, I guess that is one head injury too many. Perhaps we should see if we could get Mulder a hard hat? (OT TWC: And he did look good in one in RtM!)

46. Hey, you guys, no street shoes in the gym!

47. Call me perverse, but I love the shot of M&S being pulled across the gym floor.

48. Savor this while you can. They won't take a shower together again until "One Son."

49. I like to think that when Mulder rolled over onto Scully he was trying to protect her. I'm not sure that's what he was really doing, but that's what I like to think anyway.

50. They always leave out the best parts! I want to see more groping as they try to untie each other!

51. TWC5: Wet M&S. They drip dry quite nicely. And love the shot through the venetian blinds.

52. I'm told that many of the characters in this episode were named for prominent on-line X-Philes. But since I didn't see any characters named Amy, Iona, gumby, Paula, Shakerbaker, SLS, Bearberg, Paige, dlynn, Vicki, etc., etc., I'm having trouble believing that.

53. This, of course, was the Morgan & Wong Swan Song as they prepared to leave the XF to pursue greatness on their own. Hence the blackboard message: "Goodbye. It's been nice working with you." When greatness eluded them, they returned to the XF for a brief stint in Season 4, just long enough to write every shipper's favorite episode: "The Field Where I Died."

54. "Any other items before we call it a night? OK, let's adjourn till next week."

Apologies, apologies, apologies. And bygones too.