Theatre of the Mind ~ Firewalker

1. 1013 Preproduction Meeting, Episode 2X9.

2. Bob Goodwin: Okay, we've just finished our first big mytharc episodes. We've really put the X-Files on the map. Last week, we delivered one of the finest hours of network television ever produced. And now we've got Gillian back at full speed. Any ideas for this week's episode?

3. Chris Carter: Well, I've been kicking around this idea about doppelgangers. You know, that everybody's got a twin out there somewhere? And we could mix in some wrestling stuff . . .

4. BG: Hmmm, I don't know. That sounds like it needs a little more work. Why don't you put that one away for a rainy day. Any other ideas?

5. CC: Well, how about if we send our two heroes out to some remote location where they have to battle some unknown organism or biological threat, where they're surrounded by some very tense people who are harboring a secret, and of course they have to challenge each other with some believer vs. skeptic tete-a-tete.

6. BG: Um, Chris, didn't we just do that last season? Remember that episode you wrote, "Darkness Falls?"

7. CC: Oh, no, that was COMPLETELY different. That was about little bugs and it was in the forest. I'm talking organism here, I'm talking volcanic action! I'm talking big flashlights!

8. BG: Well, Chris, I don't know. It sounds a little similar. And some folks think that "Darkness Falls" was PRETTY much a ripoff of the classic earlier episode, "Ice."

9. CC: "Ice?" I didn't write any episode called "Ice."

10. BG: I know. That was written by Morgan & Wong.

11. CC: Who? No, trust me, this is gonna be GREAT! I gotta go get started right now! But first I gotta remember to jot down that idea about the doppelgangers. I bet with a little work, that will be ONE ROCKIN' episode!

12. Well, after One Breath, any episode would be a disappointment, and I'd hate to disappoint you by not disappointing you.

13. On the plus side, Scully's back, Mulder's got her, and there are LOTS of woo-hoo moments in Firewalker.

14. No slide show in honor of Scully's return, but we do have video.

15. TWC1: Mulder is looking fine back at his desk, and Scully's looking pretty fine too. Just one question: What happened to her humongous boobs?

16. It must have been tough for Mulder to play his pencil-tossing game back in the day. The XF division couldn't even get an electric pencil sharpener!

17. Not that old Salieri/Mozart thing again! Rock me, Amadeus!

18. Afraid to go through proper channels? Who you gonna call!

19. Aww, he doesn't want her to go. But our little Scully needs to work!

20. TWC2: Headphones M&S in the chopper. Didn't I see a little birdie in the blooper reel?

21. When are M&S gonna learn and have the transportation source stay in the same place they are?

22. TWC3: Ooooh, Timberland boots Mulder! Those boots turn me on BIG TIME! Is that weird?

23. This is a job for the BIG flashlights!

24. "Scully, how come nobody ever tries to chop YOUR head off in these types of situations?"

25. TWC4: But that little tussle did wonders-worthy of a big woo-hool!

26. But if you turn the lights back on, we won't need our big flashlights. Well, I guess we'd better save our big batteries. No telling when we might need these babies again!

27. TWC5: Cavalry!Mulder&Scully! My, my.

28. All these folks look like they are about to hurl at any time. This could be one major barf-o-rama!

29. NEW LIFE FORM. Yeah, we got it. No need to underline.

30. I don't think Scully is the best judge of whether these folks' behavior is bizarre, almost paranoid. Her frame of reference is a little skewed.

31. TWC6: Oh, those eyes! And extra points for return of Scully's freckles.

32. I'm glad they've got a lot of plastic. I think they're gonna need it.

33. Mulder seems to have been studying the periodic table of the elements while Scully was in the hospital. He's an expert now! Silicon-based life forms, indeed!

34. "Mulder, that is science fiction." That could be a trivia question: How many times has Scully uttered that little phrase?

35. TWC7: Five o'clock shadow Mulder. How YOU doin'?

36. We're leaving Mulder because I said so and I don't want to hear any more about it.

37. I think for just a second there Mulder was rethinking that little hospital speech he gave last week.

38. Scully shares a little girl talk with O'Neill. Tell her about your guy, Scully, please?

39. Mulder has a surveillance tape flashback, but at least he doesn't have to transcribe this one.

40. Mulder suggests Tanaka make an appointment with HIS doctor, Dr. Scully. Ear, nose, and throat isn't her specialty, but . . .

41. Dr. Scully makes the fastest diagnosis on record.

42. TWC8: Paramedic!Mulder in action! He can put me on a gurney anytime!

43. Look out! This guy's gonna blow!

44. Oops. Well, Tanaka, DEAD happens to BE her specialty! I think she can squeeze you in!

45. One more reason not to eat asparagus (besides the green pee, I mean).

46. Sand in his lungs, silicon dioxide, I told you so, Scully. I didn't study that periodic table for nothin'!

47. Good move, Scully. Get rid of the others so you can be alone with Mulder!

48. Awww, he won't let her go with him. "Mulder, you have to get past that. We both do." I KNEW there'd be something good in this episode eventually!

49. Scully says she's back and she's bad and she's gonna kick some organism ass!

50. "I'm counting on you to make sure we don't end up on that slab, Scully. And let me put my hand on your shoulder to give the shippers something to sigh about!"

51. TWC9: Mulder's got a stiff neck. I wish I could massage it for you, hon!

52. "Thanks for coming along as a guide, Ludwig. He could have hit ME with that big flare. Ouch!"

53. TWC10: Sweaty!Mulder! Hot, hot, hot.

54. Everyone's infected? Oh my God, Scully's in danger! "My colleague . . . friend." I'm going. And you'll have to shoot me to stop me! ::::sigh::::

55. Alas, Agent Scully's amazing diagnosis ability doesn't work through doors.

56. What's wrong, Jesse? Don't tell me you had the asparagus at dinner too?

57. TWC11: Running!Mulder! Running!Mulder in Timberlands, no less! (You know when you get into double-digit TWCs that that's about the only thing holding my interest!)

58. I give Scully a lot of credit. I would have chopped O'Neill's hand off.

59. Whoa, look at he-man Scully! You go, girl!

60. Oh, God, Scully! You're okay! Let me gently caress your face so this episode isn't a total loss!

61. The looks between these two say more than words ever could. Maybe someday they should have an episode where there is no dialogue and we have to figure out the plot just from their expressions and touches. (I bet we could too!)

62. "I told her it would change her life." Uh-huh. And Mulder told HER it would be a nice trip to the forest. Men are all alike.

63. Has Search and Rescue been hovering all this time? They seem to know exactly what Mulder wants.

64. "There will be two survivors. Scully and I are forming an alliance and voting Trepkos off this volcano. We'll split the million dollars and figure out how we're going to spend it while we're in quarantine."

65. "Hey, Scully, maybe during our month-long quarantine I can solve the X-File that's been bothering me throughout this whole episode: What happened to your gigantic hooters? I was kind of getting attached to them!"

66. The best thing about Firewalker (other than TWC moments) was the return of Dana Scully. It's good to see the old gang back together again. I know you thought MAYBE there would be no more TOTMs after the abduction arc, but no such luck for you. "I'm back, and I'm not going anywhere."

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