Theatre of the Mind ~ Irresistible

1. Jennifer, we hardly knew ye. In fact, we didn't know ye at all.

2. But there's something eerie about this pretty normal looking guy at her funeral.

3. Is this popsicle significant somehow?

4. What is this demon-like creature? That's enough to melt your popsicle.

5. Donald *Addie* Scissorhands. What are parents thinking?

6. Oooh, he walked right into the camera like that in Orison too!

7. OT: I'm a little disturbed that the mortician seems not to have reported this defiling of poor Jennifer's body; perhaps if he had, the police would have had something to go on when the exhumations started. What did he tell her family happened anyway? I guess that just goes to show you can't trust a popsicle-eating mortician.

8. It's Mick Belker from Hill Street Blues!

9. I thought Ray Soames was buried in Oregon with that tootsie roll up his nose? That guy gets around!

10. Psychic!Scully shows up quite a bit in this episode, perhaps the first time illustrated by her sudden aversion to looking at dead bodies. Didn't she get her degree in that?

11. The removal of hair and nails correlates to cattle mutilations? That's a bigger leap than one of Mulder's.

12. Funny that that wacky Agent Mulder, who'll believe almost anything, is quick to debunk Agent Bocks' theories of alien involvement and bring this investigation back down to earth.

13. This was done by an all-too-human predator.

14. What's wrong with collecting salt and pepper shakers? *I* used to collect salt and pepper shakers.

15. If Mulder can "prepare himself" to look at these atrocities, how come he can't "prepare himself" to look at Scully's autopsies?

16. I definitely heard it: He asked her for a date!

17. The Kathy Bates look-alike at the frozen food company should have known Donnie was a bad guy since she was the fortuneteller in "Sygyzy."

18. Typical that CC ensures that the only one who gets to have a pass made at them in this episode is Chris Carter (of the Minnesota Vikings).

19. I haven't thought about Dippity Do in years!

20. Psychic!Scully sees herself as a victim in the crime photos!

21. Mulder can see something is wrong, but right now his Psychic!Radar is on the blink.

22. TWC1: I'll keep the TWC moments to a minimum in this ep, but he is looking rather nice.

23. While Mulder is chowing down on Chinese take-out (with chopsticks-what a man), I can see why Scully lost her appetite as she uses not one but two computers to read about serial killers. Not exactly fare for fine dining.

24. Was that some kinky salute to "The Graduate"?

25. I guess Donnie's apparent ability to multi-task is what got him that job.

26. Mulder's Psychic!Radar is starting to kick in. He's concerned about his partner! Awww.

27. The deliveryman not only delivers your food but puts it in your freezer? That' some customer service.

28. Creepy Donnie is nearly as reckless as Mulder, sticking his fingers in that wastebasket in a house full of women.

29. And then sniffing that big hairball! Yech!

30. Forgive me, but if anybody deserved to get knocked off by Donnie, it was that nitwit who told a complete stranger that she keeps her doors unlocked. Hello!!!!!!!!

31. Scully's explanation of how every body tells a story is wonderfully done and quite fascinating.

32. However, I'm quite confused by the timeline here. She places this autopsy at November 14. Didn't "3" take place in November? Plus they were in quarantine for a month. With time management like that, Baby M will be in college by the end of Season 8.

33. Donnie has issues with his mother? I'll say.

34. The cute coed proves she's no pushover. You go girl!

35. Psychic!Scully is at it again with a scary dream seeing herself on the autopsy table, the demonic figure, and waking up at that favorite time of 11:21.

36. And again at the jail when she feels Donnie looking at her. What a creepy shot!

37. M&S bring a wonderful intimacy to their whispered exchange at the jail. Mulder proves that he can be understanding and compassionate while Scully repeatedly lies about her ability to handle this case. "I'm fine," not once, but twice.

38. You think in Season 8 anyone will say, "His name was Doggett, like that baseball announcer."

39. Agent Pendrell Wanna-Be also gets nowhere with Scully.

40. Short scene with Dr. Karen allows us to learn so much about Agent Scully: She isn't the ice queen after all, she has many fears that she hides from her partner and herself, and establishing an emotional dependency on Mulder is something she fears-or perhaps desires-very much. "I don't want him to feel like he has to protect me." And her deepest fear: loss of control. Watch how the tears well up in her eyes but never fall, maintaining control at all costs.

41. S: You could use my help. M: Always. :::sigh:::

42. Just how much human hair does it take to stuff a pillowcase? I don't think I want to know.

43. The sight of Brussells sprouts was almost more disturbing to me than the finger. Ewww.

44. You see, Scully. This is what happens when we let you drive.

45. TWC2: Sorry, couldn't resist. Big woo hoo here!

46. I don't think Donnie is putting Mr. Bubble in that bathtub.

47. Psychic!Scully sees Donnie as the Demonic figure that he is!

48. Love Mulder's look of futility as he's listening to Agent Bocks and whoever's delivering the bad news on the phone.

49. Another Elvis reference is lost in the more important commentary: "But no one sees a pretty woman being forced off the road in her rental car." I love how naturally that just comes out.

50. For once, I'm glad Mulder has the ability to leap so far and so fast.

51. Psychic!Scully sees Donnie as the embodiment of all the faces of evil she has seen.

52. Which is more creepy? "normal or dry?" or "girly-girl"?

53. I vote for "girly-girl", which to me just beats out "little sister."

54. Scully gets an award for best use of "Tub and Tile." Watch those scrubbing bubbles go to work!

55. I'm not sure Scully could have saved herself here, so I applaud when Mulder arrives on his white charger!

56. The face of evil is finally reduced to a scared rabbit when he is apprehended.

57. Scully gives her standard lie "I'm fine," the old college try one more time. Mulder's not listening.

58. She fights to keep control but finally acknowledges the need for support of those closest to her-and no one is closer than her partner.

59. Mulder has always touched her more than she has touched him, but here she finally opens up to him. Love how she first has her arms crossed in front of herself, but then wraps them around him and buries herself in his protective arms where he is allowed to comfort her. I'm not sure we see this again (except maybe sort of in the movie) until "Milagro."

60. Mulder points out to us in the end that there was no x-file in this episode, but that sometimes everyday occurrences can be more frightening than an x-file.

61. No, there was no x-file in sight in this episode, but if this is an example of the quality that 1013 can show us of a non-x-file-nature, then I say bring it on!

62. Not many laughs, but again you knew there wouldn't be, right girly-girls? Right manly-men?

63. And I think I've got my new motto: "Anything slightly freakazoid, that's the drill: call Polly."

Apologies as always,