Theatre of the Mind ~ Sleepless

So sorry to be late again. Had to work later than expected. If you are "sleepless" (or in another time zone), I guess you can read this one tonight. If not, I guess you can read it tomorrow. Or you don't have to read it at all. I won't lose any sleep over it! (LOL - Sometimes, I crack myself up!)

1. Take a look Mulder - this could be your future.

2. Fire and no Phoebe in sight. Things are looking up.

3. Dead guy and no fire in sight.

4. This episode warrants more Totally Worthless Commentary than you can shake a stick at! For example, red shirt, no socks, Nike!Mulder. That hedgehog hair isn't bothering me nearly as much as it could be when it is so well accessorized!

5. Have you ever noticed how Skinner does that thing with his teeth? I'm expecting him to say, "You dirty rat!" (Given what's to come in this episode, maybe he is!)

6. I would think the FBI would have other people to transcribe those tapes, wouldn't you?

7. Oh, oh. I don't like the looks of this. Who is this di--, er, I mean dorkweed?

8. Krycek. Doesn't that mean Ratboy in Russian?

9. Good instincts, Mulder. No handshaking on the first date.

10. Krycek: "Let me just whip this out." Oh, it's his Dragnet notebook.

11. Take a hint, kid. I work alone.

12. Love the smile and sneer. "I can ditch this di--, er, dorkweed with one hand tied behind my back."

13. Krycek finds it ain't easy bein' green.

14. Mulder learns lots about sleep deprivation; might want to make a reservation in that clinic for later.

15. Krycek doesn't like being ditched like someone's bad date; wishful thinking on his part.

16. Scully proves to be directionally challenged; last time I checked, you would come "down" to Virginia from New York.

17. Mulder seems to have found the way despite her directions.

18. Did you see that little smile when she heard his voice?

19. Oh, dern! I thought they were gonna hug for a minute! Mulder was ready "With Arms Wide Open" (saluting Paige!).

20. Let me translate this scene for you: Oh, Scully, this is Krycek. Yeah, sure, fine, whatever.

21. Even though there are two "stiffs" in the room, M&S are in their own private little world. It's "A Legacy." (saluting dlynn!)

22. Love the Mulder looks: can you believe what I got stuck with, Scully? This di--, er, dorkweed!

23. I'm too busy watching this Mulder-Scully-Krycek dynamic. Why do you keep interrupting it with an X-File?

24. Sorry, I don't know you well enough to do a slide show. Bulletin board photos will have to do.

25. More TWC: Rolled-up-sleeves Mulder is looking extra tasty!

26. And Mulder in the light of the computer screen, hoo-baby! (Okay, I guess Krycek looks okay too, for a Ratboy.)

27. An XF first: First meeting with Mr. X.

28. Mr. X has obviously learned well from Obi-Wan Deep Throat. He arrives just in time to Explain It All.

29. (And Mulder is looking very good during this whole exchange, I might add!)

30. Oh, oh. Mr. X has a warning. "It's never been more dangerous." Mulder's chasing an insomniac with Ratboy; Scully's tucked safely away in Quantico; what could happen?

31. Ratboy's getting more and more possessive: "Where were ya?" None of your beeswax, Ratboy.

32. Ah, HeavyBreathing!Mulder! How I long to hear me some of that in Season 8!

33. And I forgot to mention the return of the Wonderful Ties! (starting in "Blood").

34. Here's my favorite scene coming up: separate, but never more together!

35. There they go letting that XF chit-chat get in the way of some perfectly good MSR! On to the good stuff!

36. "All right, I'll sharpen my pencils and I'll see you later." If only that meant what it could have meant!

37. Perhaps this is when Mulder got so good at that pencil ceiling toss game?

38. ::sigh:: The oh-so-sweet exchange over the phone. "I'm surprised I put up with you so long."

39. Have you noticed that these two can say more in 10 seconds of silence than many can say with two pages of dialogue? They miss each other. Lovin' it!

40. So many sweet smiles. It's cell phone foreplay.

41. Mulder & Ratboy learn more about the X-File and come to a stop on the expressway, then have a race at the train station. Sorry, Mulder. Krycek beat you by a hair! (Speaking of hair, forgot to mention that the one good thing about Mulder's hair is that Krycek's is worse.)

42. Oh no! Mulder shot! And no Dr. Scully around to remind us she's a doctor and tell someone to call for an ambulance! I don't think Krycek can handle something that complicated!

43. Whew, false alarm! It was only a dream (or a nightmare for all of us!).

44. Mulder, your first clue that this guy was bad news should have been that he actually believed your theory.

45. Here's where the arguments started: whose flashlight is bigger - Mulder's or Krycek's?

46. Dr. Mulder has obviously learned a thing or two from his pretty partner. He even remembers to tell Krycek to put pressure on the wound!

47. Oooh, that shot off the side of the building. Gives me vertigo just thinking about it! (Which of course reminds me of "Requiem", but doesn't everything?)

48. Mulder puts down his gun, before he can drop it for a change.

49. Krycek deserves an Oscar for his gut-wrenching pull of the trigger. Mulder even tries to comfort him afterwards. If you think his job wasn't to off this guy, you shouldn't call yourself a conspiracy theorist.

50. M&S are left with no evidence, but on the upside, they meet to talk about it!

51. And TWC: Scully is glowing and Mulder is looking fine (and love that tie).

52. I KNEW I didn't like that guy from the beginning! He's in cahoots with that evil-CSM!

53. Krycek acknowledges that Scully is a "larger problem than you described." You don't have to insult the girl just because she's gained a little weight.

54. "Every problem has a solution." Oh my God, I'm thinking that this doesn't look good for Agent Scully. I'm thinking that we haven't seen the last of Agent Krycek. I'm thinking that we're going to find that CSM is a truly evil man. I'm thinking that Mulder is going to be losing some sleep before this whole thing is over.

55. "How's that for a theory?"

Okay, it ain't great but what do you expect? I haven't slept in 24 years (at least it seems that way)! At least I made it technically on the same day as the CTP! Apologies, apologies, apologies (and bygones). As Mr. Cole said in this episode, "Good night."

Sleepless Polly (who's sorry she missed the discussion questions but will enjoy reading them later)