Theatre of the Mind ~ 731

For the few who are waiting for this, sorry for the late post. RL meeting meant a late start and thus a late finish. I'm a big behind again (all the better to see my Buttcrack, according to Angie). Anyway, apologies, apologies, apologies, but here you go anyway.

1. Let's see . . . where were we? Oh yeah, M&S are chatting on the phone when Mulder decides to do the locomotion.

2. Hansen's Disease - leprosy, after Gerhard H. A. Hansen (1841 - 1912), Norwegian physician.

3. Where are those famous X-Files super close-ups when you need them? Who/what are these things? We see only shadows and silhouettes. Are they humans? Aliens? Why all this ambiguity?

4. The tragic Nazi correlations just keep on coming.

5. Tag line is changed for the fourth time: Apology is Policy.

6. "Aw, damn it." I told you to put that phone in your pocket, Mulder. Are you sure you haven't got one strapped to the other ankle?

7. But TWC1: Scully, you haven't seen Mulder until you've seen him on the top of a train. 8. Like Mulder, Scully obviously needs some lessons in hanging onto her gun. 9. Scully learns that the chip that was in her neck might provide all the answers. Perhaps the key to everything in the X-Files? Why not. Everything else is.

10. Mulder, trying to open a door marked "quarantine" is roughly the equivalent of sticking your fingers where they don't belong. At least you didn't just start punching numbers into the keypad.

11. I like the little conductor guy, though he doesn't wear his mole as well as Mulder.

12. TWC2: You'll notice that this TOTM will be top heavy with TWCs, cause Mulder begins to look progressively worse as this episode progresses (with one or two notable exceptions). Of course, his black and sexy funky poaching outfit gets kudos the whole episode through. Love that casual Mulder!

13. "Why did I study French in high school?" These two crazy kids are certainly multi-lingual!

14. Mulder, I'm not really so sure you should give away the spare gun just yet. Okay, whatever you think is best.

15. I guess Scully is the thinking man's babe; that's why all these techno-nerds (i.e., Frohike, Pendrell) are drooling all over her. Pendrell seems to have anticipated everything she'll want to know.

16. Scully looks pretty worried that the chip in her neck means someone might know her every thought. Have you been having indecent thoughts about a certain Federal Agent, Scully (and I don't mean Pendrell)?

17. I don't think you're a doof, Pendrell. I miss you. I wish it had been you, Scully, and Skinner in those promo pics today.

18. That's always the way: Just when you really gotta go, there's always somebody in the john.

19. Perkey!Scully (sorry, couldn't resist that) has found some disturbing evidence.

20. TWC3: I love watching Mulder travel up and down the aisles of the train cars. He's still looking pretty good at this point.

21. Time to mention a very good score from Mark Snow for this one. Just the right amount of tension and suspense. Good job.

22. Good cover, Mulder. Most people who are suffering from motion sickness do start bleeding from the neck. I bet that lady is none the wiser.

23. And you gotta be workin' on your paternal instincts while you're wherever you are with those things stuck up your nose and mouth at the beginning of Season 8. That little pat on the head for the "young man", that ain't cuttin' it.

24. This is the X-Files at its ambiguitiest (I don't think that's a word, but it fits). Were the people in this camp lepers, alien/human hybrids? What? I want answers, not more questions! (If that's what I want, I'm beginning to think I'm in the wrong place.)

25. Great reaction by GA of a horrifying moment: finding the pit with all the bodies piled high.

26. Scully shields her eyes from the bright light from above. Scully, don't give me these Season 8 reminders!

27. Scully obviously needs tips from Mulder on avoiding those Black Ops units. She's a dead duck.

28. Lucky for Mulder, someone else has "sticky fingers" and has opened the "quarantine" door for him.

29. More ambiguity! What does Mulder have on this train? A leper? An alien/human hybrid? Didn't I just write that a minute ago?

30. TWC4: Love that close-up of those beautiful hazel/green eyes. That thing reflected in them? Pretty cool too.

31. Look out, Mulder! Oh, Lord, he's dropped his gun again! (That makes 15.) I warned him not to give that spare away!

32. Looks like Mulder is about to get a little "motion sickness" too. Ouch!

33. I knew I liked that little conductor guy! He's saving our boy!

34. TWC5: Tonight's Holy Flaming Cow moment: Despite his garroted neck, Mulder is looking pretty darn fine as he gets the drop on Doggett . . . er, I mean the Red-Haired Man.

35. I miss Action!Mulder since we now have DeathWish!Mulder. "I'll take my chances."

36. After two years, the 1st Elder finally gets his big break! A big scene with Perkey!Scully!

37. "I know most everything about you, Dana." After finding out about that chip, I imagine hearing that is pretty spooky.

38. Slightly OT: Here's an annoying thing about this episode. Have you noticed that nobody ever answers a question? Demonstrated here by, S--"What are you talking about?" 1st E: "I think you know." Huh?

39. Sad to realize that Dr. Ishimaru/Zama wasn't eliminated for the things that he did . . . he was dispensed with only because he didn't share his findings with the right people.

40. 1st E: "Please, I'd like to show you something that will give you your answers." We'd like that too.

41. Interesting XF Trivia: The entry code to the boxcar that Dogg . . . er, I mean the Red-Haired Man gives Mulder is 1111471. This number first appeared as part of Mulder's badge number in "F. Emasculata," and will later appear as the aircraft registry number on the downed plane in "Piper Maru" as well as in other instances in Season 3. It is the ultimate in-joke by CC: that number has no significance whatsoever.

42. DeathWish!Mulder seems determined to use the entry code to try and exit, but luckily he is saved by the bell.

43. "It's for you." ROTFLMAO.

44. Okay, I'm just not sure why Scully believed this 1st Elder guy so easily. What proof has he shown her? A train car where she believes she was taken to have a chip implanted in her neck? Didn't we learn that this chip might have the potential to fabricate memories-so how can she trust that memory? She explains that Dr. Ishimaru/Zama experimented on lepers, the homeless, the insane . . . then why on all these women in Allentown (not to mention Scully herself)? I guess it's all so Skeptic!Scully can return and proclaim there is no such thing as alien abduction, just our government doing its usual cover-up shuffle.

45. Viral hemorrhagic fever is the collective name given to the diseases caused by a group of viruses such as Ebola virus and Marburg virus. Viral hemorrhagic fever begins with fever and muscle aches and can result in a relatively mild illness or can lead to death. (Just thought I'd throw that in.)

46. Awww, Scully's first thoughts are of getting Mulder out of the train car.

47. The bomb is found. Yep, that's a panic face all right.

48. "Uh, Scully, you're breaking up. I can't hear you." Liar, liar, pants on fire. (And Scully's not fooled as easily as you think she is.)

49. I was expecting the little conductor guy to say, "A bo . . .," and Mulder to say, "Not a bo . . . a bomb." Love those Airplane movies.

50. "What do you care? You were trying to kill me anyway." Love those snappy Mulder comebacks.

51. This chain of mountains must run from Iowa to Oklahoma ('D.P.O.").

52. Scully, let me tell you, you haven't seen the panic face till you've seen it from a train.

53. Just where is Mulder planning to shoot Doggett . . .er, I mean the Red-Haired man, anyway?

54. M: "It's an alien-human hybrid, isn't it? RHM: "If that were true, you'd have expected someone would have been here by now to save it, wouldn't you?" Good point.

55. Mulder's pretty calm for a guy who's just figured out that his big plan isn't working.

56. I love how the tension builds during the proverbial race against time. Scully driving like a bat out of you know where; the bomb timer counting down; Scully's frantic search for someone to help in Mulder's apartment (however, this is *not* the time to look at his little black book); pushing all his books on the floor (was that really necessary); and pasting the "X" on the window (you expect him to return your call in

38 minutes? He'd better have "X"-waiting.). I'm all a-tingle.

57. TWC6: Like that reflecting Scully in the TV (though, as noted, not as good as reflecting Mulder, at least to me).

58. Psychic!Scully knows the answer lies somewhere on that alien autopsy tape. $29.95 well spent!

59. "I've got six minutes left, is that what you have?" "Let's hope not." ROTFLMAO again.

60. Mulder, once again, this is sticking your fingers in where they don't belong. You couldn't have waited until she gave you *all* the numbers before punching them in?

61. "Tick-tick, Scully." I think he should have used that line in the movie.

62. Yeah, Scully! Yeah, Mulder! Big smile! Everyone is saved! Oops.

63. Oh, no, my poor baby. Getting the crap beaten out of him again. Hey, Dogg . . . er, I mean Red-Haired Man, quit stomping on his face! You'd better not damage that nose or those lips!

64. Doggett . . . er, Red-Haired Man gets that most painful of gunshots after all.

65. Well, Mr. X finally does something to get in my good graces. But does he save Mulder because it's more important to save Mulder than the thing in the back of the boxcar, or does he save Mulder so he can continue to do his dirty work? Another thing we'll probably never know.

66. TWC7: Mulder slung over X's shoulder AND is that a great butt or what?

67. Well, it looks like Mulder's lips and nose have survived, no thanks to you Dog . . . er, you know who I mean.

68. Even Senator Matheson won't return his phone calls now. He and Scully are truly alone.

69. He knows what he saw on the train car. She knows what she saw at the leper colony. Who is correct? We could take a poll, or choose up sides, but I'd advise against it. It'll just give us a headache and we'll never find out the truth anyway. Some things were always meant to be ambiguous and they will stay that way. Hey, let's see a reversal of this trend in Season 8, particularly with Mulder as Daddy issue.

70. At least *one* answer is forthcoming: Smug-looking CSM is once again in possession of whatever Mulder was desperate to get his hands on. So does that mean it *was* an alien/human hybrid? Told you; now I have a headache.

71. I know this could be better (and shorter), but it's late and I'm pooped, so it'll have to do for now. Please let me know how you think it could be improved. "I'm fielding all offers and suggestions."

Well, this TOTM wasn't a *complete* failure. At least I think I've found my new sign-off!

Apology is Polly-cee