Theatre of the Mind ~ Apocrypha

1. Another of those X-Files episodes that I can't spell.

2. Apocrypha is from the Greek apokryptein, "to hide away." In biblical literature, it describes works outside an accepted canon of scripture. The history of the term's usage indicates that it referred to a body of esoteric writings that were at first prized, later tolerated, and finally excluded. In its broadest sense, apocrypha has come to mean any writings of dubious authority or authenticity.

3. A flashback within a flashback. That's a new one.

4. But we didn't see that black oil ooze back into the ocean in Johansen's flashback of the same scene in "Piper Maru." I guess I'm getting an answer to my "orifice" question.

5. And the black oil seems to be able to set its expelling speed based on the circumstances. So far, we've seen "Super Rapid" (under three minutes for that quick jump in airport rest rooms), and "Extra Slow" (for dramatic effect in black and white flashbacks). Wonder what speeds are in between?

6. Mr. Mulder was pursuing the truth once too? Isn't *that* a coincidence!

7. But "Old Smokey" proves he's a man for all seasons, just as good at squelching the truth 50 years ago as he is today. "You can trust all of us." I don't think so! (But where is Chris Owens?)

8. As an interesting tidbit of information, King of the MOTWs Kim Manners directed "Apocrypha," his first mytharc episode.

9. Well, it appears that Scully's not the only one they called about Skinner getting shot after all. But she's the only one who gets to grasp his hand after surgery.

10. Fox & Alex's Excellent Hong Kong Adventure is over. Whoa!

11. Black oil seems to have made Krycek's voice sexier.

12. The key number is C.I. 517. Since 5/17 is Spotzy's wife's birthday, maybe it's the key to her heart.

13. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, "Alexander Haig" Scully is certainly getting bossy. "I don't care if you and Agent Caleca have to stand in the hallway yourself." Who got shot and made her boss?

14. TWC1: Mulder is certainly looking fine in the half-light as he puts Krycek behind the wheel but likes to do a lot of back-seat driving from the passenger seat. "Speed up."

15. I always thought those barrels were filled with sand. Water makes for a cooler crash!

16. Oh, if only there were dual airbags. Perhaps this is why Mulder wants to drive all the time.

17. But lucky for Mulder he gets hit in his least vulnerable area-conked in the noggin again. Appears that the windshield sustained more damage.

18. Spoilers for this scene probably said, "Krycek flashes someone along the highway," and everyone got a *whole* different picture of what would happen. Gotta take those spoilers with a grain of salt.

19. Oh, it's sweet Agent Pendrell doing his best to impress Scully that she might throw him a bone! He does it all for you, Scully.

20. Good to know that talk of "massive and malignant cancers" doesn't stop CSM from lighting up.

21. TWC2: Waking up in the hospital with a little bandage on your forehead and Scully by your side *always* rates a TWC. No "End Game" wattage smiles, but nice little smiles nonetheless. "Guess I'm not dead."

22. Poor Scully. *Both* her men in the hospital. I hope they're on the same floor or she's gonna wear those little legs out.

23. What the heck are PCR results, anyway? I'm gonna tell you. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a technique which is used to amplify the number of copies of a specific region of DNA, in order to produce enough DNA to be adequately tested. This technique can be used to identify with a very high-probability, disease-causing viruses and/or bacteria, a deceased person, or a criminal suspect.

24. Sorry to tell you, Scully, but Mulder was right once again. (He is 98.9% of the time, you know.) The Consortium confirms that it was a UFO that was recovered from the site where the French salvage vessel was.

25. CSM being a bad boy? I find that hard to believe . . . not.

26. Another nice scene between Skinner and Scully. I think their interaction in Season 8-especially since he's the only one who knows her secret-is gonna rock! I like how he warns her to keep her emotions in check or walk away. S-"That's exactly what they want."

27. TWC3: Glasses!Scully! We haven't seen that in a while. And Spotsy must owe his wife big time since "517" is also part of the case number.

28. TWC4: "It looked great on me in the store." What doesn't?

29. Scully has a tough time keeping a straight face while Mulder explains his "diesel oil as body jumping medium" theory. She finally has to laugh and Mulder does too. A nice moment.

30. "And now that it's in Krycek, what does it want?" It probably just wants to get out before they start calling Krycek LubricantBoy.

31. Here's a frightening image: The Lone Gunmen on skates. Now I know why Mulder thought seriously about dying at the Ice Capades. Only Byers would ice skate in a suit. (But as an interesting factoid: Bruce Harwood was trained as a figure skater in real life.)

32. So the C.I. stands for Capitol Ice. How'd they figure that out? I was thinking Comfort Inn.

33. Poor CSM does lead a lonely life. Every time someone breaks into his apartment to confront him he's just sittin' and drinkin' and smokin' and watchin' old black and white war movies. Perhaps he's addicted to these as Mulder is to porn. Like father like son?

34. So CSM knows that the alien goo is inside Krycek? He's capable of amazing leaps too. Like son like father?

35. Well, the Consortium Gang is none too pleased that CSM has taken it upon himself to move the UFO (or youfow as Elder #1 calls it), as well as trying to kill an assistant director of the FBI, without telling them. Perhaps they are getting tired of his "don't ask, don't tell, shoot first, ask questions later" policy.

36. "Why not bring it to Nevada, like the others?" So there are others, are there . . .

37. Mulder and his "finely calibrated piece of investigative equipment" might just get elected to the Lone Gunmen Hall of Fame! *Such* a cute scene!

38. Little does Mulder know that the number he's found is the Consortium Hotline. I'm glad it wasn't that Jamaican Psychic Lady's Hotline. She would have told him, "Don't be stickin' your fingers in things, mon, but I can see dat you're going to anyway!"

39. A non-Mulder slide show? I didn't think that was allowed!

40. When Agent Caleca points out that it's going to take a sign from God to find Luis Cardinal, Scully says, "I've seen stranger things, believe me." Is that an admission? And as Pendrell notes, "I believe she has." Can't you just hear a big sigh from him? That boy's got it bad!

41. TWC5: Mulder's meeting with WMM in Central Park. Casual Mulder in moonlight? "We're *all* alone in New York City, sir."

42. As usual, WMM arranged this meeting as a plot device to fill in the blanks. Foo-fighters (I thought that was a musical group?), 50-year conspiracies, and government cover-ups.

43. WMM seems just a little perturbed to find out from Mulder that Krycek and the digital tape are both still out there somewhere.

44. "Everyone can be gotten to." From that he figures out that Skinner is in danger? That was a definite MML (major Mulder leap). Time to call Scully!

45. I hope that the ambulance wasn't far from the hospital when Scully apparently chased it down on foot.

46. Once again, Psychic!Scully wears just the right outfit for every occasion. She's dressed quite appropriately to kick in doors and chase would-be assassins through the streets of Washington.

47. Kudos to GA on great work: You can see the dilemma played out on her face. Saint Scully *wants* to kill this man, even as he pleads for his life.

48. S-"Mulder, what are you doing?" M-"I'm looking for my rental car agreement." :::snort::: I'm not exactly sure why they put that in there, but I think it's to remind us how much he misses her being there to keep track of all the little details for him.

49. What he *really* said when he told her to meet him at the airport was "Scully, get our tickets, pack our Big Ass Flashlights, and prepare to do some funky poaching in North Dakota."

50. And bring the Big Ass Flashlights, she does! I wish I had one of those.

51. After Scully's comment, I was expecting her and Mulder to sing: "A hundred and ninety-nine silos to go, a hundred ninety-nine to go, we'll go on down, look all around, a hundred and ninety-eight silos to go."

52. But cool effect when they are in the silo, with the lights on the sides and their Big Ass Flashlights.

53. Once again, they are sooo close (you can even see the 1013 on the door), but CSM wins again.

54. "You can't bury the truth," says the restrained Mulder (woo-hoo) and Scully as they're led away. (I guess that's the "apocrypha" reference.) I do like how Scully puts her two cents in, letting them know that she has seen things too.

55. So the black oil alien has found its way back to its spaceship and is doing one of those "Extra Slow" transfers just to torture Krycek (you go, girl/boy/whatever!).

56. TWC6: The return of Mulder glasses! Big woo-hoo! (Both of them in glasses in the same episode; what did we do to deserve that?) This *would* have been the HFC moment, but he took them off too quickly.

57. I like the renewed respect shown for Skinner (shaking his hand, helping him to his chair, big thank you). You put your life on the line for Mulder's woman and you're his friend for life.

58. Like how Missy tied this episode together; in the beginning with Scully's frustration over having the case made inactive, and in the end still frustrated because "no punishment is ever enough."

59. TWC7, and tonight's Holy Flaming Cow Moment: Mulder in his sexy driving gloves who (1) knows where Missy is buried; (2) knows exactly where Scully will be; and (3) brings flowers. He brings those lovely understated little bouquets too; it endeared me to him here and in "Emily" as well.

60. But I do find it interesting that Missy's headstone says "Beloved Sister and Daughter," whereas the stone that Mrs. S picked out for Dana said, "Loving Daughter and Friend." Mrs. Scully knew, even way back then, how much they meant to each other. I dig her.

61. "That the dead speak to us from beyond the grave, that that's what's conscience is." I agree with Mulder; I think that *is* very interesting.

62. Mulder reports that Cardinal is dead; Krycek might be; but doubts it will weigh on anyone's conscience. Scully observes that "Maybe we bury the dead alive."

63. But if you think that Krycek is buried alive, you should probably think again. I'm betting we haven't seen the last of Ratboy (just when LubricantBoy was starting to grow on me.)

64. Well, that's the last of the big mytharc episodes until May. Back to MOTWs. But I'm not sure I can contain myself knowing that there's only one episode between me and "Teso Dos Bichos". Some little episode called, "Pusher" written by that country singer Vince Gilligan guy. I'm not sure I've ever seen that one. Is it good? I really don't think I can concentrate since I'll have those killer kitty kats on my mind. Best to just get it out of the way, I guess; I'll "suffer" through this "Pusher" episode so I can get to the good stuff. "Hand me a pencil."

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