Theatre of the Mind ~ Revelations

1. Give me that "old X-Philes religion . . . it's good enough for me."

2. A little girl distraught because her older brother tries to shake her faith? Substitute Mrs. Scully telling this story, and you get a Scully family flashback (though no tombstone, I hope).

3. "Most people today tend to vest themselves in science and cynicism." I don't know anyone like that, do you?

4. Reverend Findlay holds this congregation in the palms of his hands, so to speak.

5. Thanks for the shot of those white bucs, but Polly's footwear fetish only applies to Mulder.

6. Speaking of Mulder, now he's not only sticking his fingers in stuff, he's tasting it too!

7. "Maybe it's just a very disgruntled altar boy." :::snort:::

8. Ah, spitballs, the sign of true love!

9. This teacher is kind of snotty, don't you think?

10. "Ewww! Blood!" That's pretty much what I said too!

11. TWC1: Mulder looking good!

12. Scully shows us her great way with kids. She's gonna be a great mom!

13. I'll say Kevin must have felt a "bit feverish." Thar she blows!

14. Mulder wants to go and Scully thinks there's more to do. I'm getting it now . . . this is one of those role reversal episodes, right?

15. During the questioning of Mr. Kryder I think he makes it clear that this is going to be a Scully-centric story. "G** will find someone to stop it. Someone who is strong enough to make the sacrifice." Three guesses who that "someone" will be.

16. TWC2: it also becomes clear that Mulder is going to spend most of this episode doing exactly what he is doing in this scene: looking extremely fine. Woo-hoo!

17. It means nothing to Mulder, but Scully gets the message loud and clear (even though she doesn't understand it): "You must come full circle to find the truth." Psychic!Scully is on the case!

18. Kevin tells a pretty good ghost story. It's almost coming to life.

19. Mulder is so cute getting the description of the perpetrator from the kids. He's gonna make a great dad!

20. TWC3: "Looks like Kevin was abducted by Homer Simpson's evil twin." Doh!

21. Owen says he's Kevin's guardian angel, but I never saw Roma Downey packing heat on "Touched by an Angel."

22. TWC4: Mulder's job isn't just to stand around and look good, it's to utter lots of Mulderisms too: "That's quite a long-distance call, isn't it?" "It's the end of the world as we know it, right?" "And townsfolk wonder why I sleep in on Sunday."

23. Owen knows that Scully's religious convictions *are* the issue here.

24. "Whatever He asks of me, I'll do." I applaud the strength of Owen's beliefs, but if G** told me to jump out an attic window, I would probably have to question that.

25. TWC5: Jumping!Mulder! I think he's trying to keep his Action!Mulder status from "Nisei/731."

26. That's a pretty nifty way to open the door. Bet Mulder would trade in his little lock-pick if he could do that.

27. The stigmata through the wicker basket-pretty creepy.

28. Owen did do what He asked and saved Kevin, but lost his life in the process.

29. "Are you the one that was sent to protect me?" Uh-huh.

30. Scully's not going to start sniffing things in the same way Mulder pokes his fingers in things, is she?

31. TWC6: "Any revelations?" Big woo-hoo.

32. He looks at her a little big funny, but when she asks him to smell Mr. Jarvis, you know he will. He can't refuse her anything.

33. But then he had to go and ruin the moment by implying that he's not taking her seriously. St. Owen? Pshaw.

34. TWC7: Like how he's chewing on that pencil.

35. "A powerful and respected man," just like Kevin's father said.

36. Is there really such a thing as Jerusalem Syndrome or are they just making these things up?

37. Kevin appears to be in two places at once. I get it now. This must be the flip side of "The Calusari."

38. Hopefully, I'd be a little suspicious too when I saw Mr. Gates take the radiator cap off with his bare hands. I guess it gets warm where he comes from?

39. "I think you know." That's two episodes in a row! I'm warning you, CC, don't take this tactic in Season 8! (M: "Scully, how did you get pregnant?" S: "I think you know." Arrrrgh!!)

40. Mrs. Kryder does whatever it takes to save her child. I didn't want her to die.

41. Scully wants to keep Kevin with her and Mulder. Admit it, Scully. You just want to play house!

42. Most famous Mulderism from this episode: "You never draw my bath."

43. Finally, the confrontation: how come he can believe anything and everything else, but he can't believe in miracles, in the power of G**?

44. "I wait for a miracle every day. But what I've seen here has only tested by patience, not my faith." Mulder does want to believe, but I think he knows a miracle is not forthcoming for him. Very sad.

45. TWC8: And tonight's Holy Flaming Cow Moment: Mulder, outside the motel after Kevin disappears.

46. Scully wants to go back and question Kevin's father; she's really in charge now Mulder-you're just along for the ride (and to look good, of course).

47. Psychic!Scully makes at least as big as (if not bigger) a leap as Mulder has ever made. A recycling symbol as the full circle to find the truth? How'd she know that? I think you know. Cut that out!

48. "You think it's you, don't you. You think you're the one who's been chosen to protect Kevin." Where have you been, Mulder. We all had that figured out a long time ago.

49. Mulder, you get demerits here. How many times has she followed you even though she thought you were wrong. You can't even go give her backup at the recycling plant? (I guess it wouldn't have been as dramatic if you had.)

50. Good time to say I love the place names in this episode. Loveland and Jerusalem, Ohio.

51. I was never a big fan of "Millennium" (the show not the episode), but was the Millennium Group on that show supposed to do the same type of thing that Mr. Gates was doing here? So that the new age will come? Just curious.

52. All the while Scully was trying to save Kevin, I could only think of Frohike: "Do you recycle?"

53. A shredding machine. What a way to go.

54. "I knew you'd come." Guess everybody did but Mulder.

55. Kevin assures us that he will see St. Scully again sometime. When? Where? I think you know. I said STOP that!

56. Mulder's disbelief in this case forces Scully to doubt herself and to talk this whole thing over with someone else. Mulder will believe *anything*, so if he doesn't believe this, what does that say about what Scully believes?

57. Scully hasn't had anything to confess in six years? Poor girl.

58. "Maybe they weren't meant for him to see. Maybe they were only meant for you." That statement will surely come into play many times in the future.

59. "Sometimes we must come full circle to find the truth." Why does that remind me of "Requiem"? I think you know. (That's my last warning!)

60. In the end, Scully is afraid that G** is speaking but that no one's listening. I frequently have the same thoughts about these TOTMs. I'm afraid I'm writing and no one's reading. But at least I'm entertaining myself and keeping myself out of trouble. Actually, I'm finding it very therapeutic to go back and revisit these old episodes in this way. Even if no one is reading the TOTMs, writing them has reminded me of the reasons why I started watching this show, why I have loved this show in the past, and why I continue to love it, even during the times when I myself get frustrated with how I perceive things are going. When I watch and write about these old episodes, it reminds me that the show has hardly ever let me down before, and I still have no reason to believe it will let me down now. "Maybe that's just what faith is."

61. So after all I've seen, and if no one is listening, why do I continue to write these half-baked, mindless dissertations? I think you know.

Apology is Polly-cee