Theatre of the Mind ~ Elegy

1. Betcha 10 bucks this place is not as quaint as Stuckeybowl! (Okay, I'm an EdHead!)

2. My goodness, so the shoes aren't all put away, so what? Save the drama for your mama! (It's official: I have seen one too many promos for "Boot Camp.")

3. Now even the guest stars are sticking their fingers where they don't belong.

4. An apparition and a dead body. Better call the X-Files. This case is right up their "alley."

5. Bowling footwear! :::sigh::: If only it was a Mulder footwear close-up!

6. TWC1: Oooh, they look so cute so close together on the floor like that! And Mulder has such fun sliding out!

7. Yup, that was "the look," all right.

8. Yup, Mulder knows what "the look" means, all right.

9. Strike! Now I know what a great actor DD is; he made bad bowling believable in "Return to Me."

10. Scully, is this boyish display of agility turning you on at all?

11. Hmmm, actually I think it is.

12. I wonder why Coke never promotes this handy use for their product in their commercials?

13. "She is me," not to be confused with "He is one," from "Red Museum," or "She's one" from "Nisei."

14. TWC2: Woo-hoo! I think that Mulder is whispering sweet nothings in Scully's ear.

15. Busted! Wouldn't you like to share with the rest of the class, Agent Mulder?

16. A disembodied soul, a death omen, a harbinger of death, an apparition, a fetch, a wraith. We get it.

17. Let's see a show of hands for everyone who wants to follow that lead? It's all yours, Mulder.

18. Mulder must be having a lot of trouble staying awake. He seems to be carrying a cup of coffee everywhere these days.

19. I've seen Dr. Alpert before! He was that nice train conductor who helped Mulder in "Nisei." (And he's named for John Shiban's physician. Bet he was thrilled about that, huh?)

20. TWC3: Sloppy joe night. Hoo-boy!

21. It's a real cuckoo's nest all right, as the actor who portrays Chuck Forsch also played Charlie Cheswick in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." Chuck is named for CC's L.A. based assistant. (Bet he was thrilled about that too, huh?)

22. They couldn't get a real TV Guide with Jay Leno's picture on it? Or is that a *Canadian* TV Guide?

23. Mulder's just like those sneaky teachers. Call on the one who *doesn't* have his hand raised.

24. "Nice catch, Scully." He forgives you for trying to show him up with that Jay Leno thing.

25. Mulder having trouble coming up with his own psychology theories? He's got to ask Scully?

26. Good thing he did, cause Scully hit it on the nose with that severe ego dystonic obsessive-compulsive disorder diagnosis. She's good.

27. TWC4: That's okay, cause it gives Mulder more time to just stand around and look good. He's got charisma to "spare."

28. "Oh, Scully . . ." :::sniff:::!! Just the right amount of angst in his voice as Scully gets a nosebleed, and just the right fearful expression as she goes to wash up.

29. Scully sees dead people.

30. Scully sees more than the victim in the mirror. She sees her own mortality. I'm getting a bad feeling about this.

31. I think Scully breaks her own "I'm fine" record set just a few episodes ago. I counted at least five and there could have been more! The question is, who is she trying to convince? Mulder? Or herself?

32. Harold sees *lots* of dead people.

33. The return of Karen Kosseff can only mean one thing: Scully talks about her feelings for Mulder!

34. MSRM: And we're not disappointed. "I guess I never realized how much I rely on him before this ... his passion ... he's been a great source of strength that I've drawn on."

35. Do you think Scully *still* has a fear of failing Mulder? I do.

36. I can only think of the bloopers here. What would you have done had you called your favorite bowling alley and gotten DD on the line? You'd still be scraping me off the floor.

37. Mulder! You forgot your bowling shoes! Get off that lane!

38. Love the shot of Mulder watching Harold with the fan in the background. Just lovely!

39. I've seen that lawyer before too! She was Scully's nurse in "One Breath," and a doctor in "Shadows."

40. Mulder mentions Risa Shapiro as one of the victims. That's DD's agent. (Bet *she* was thrilled about that little homage too, huh?)

41. TWC5: My oh my, compassionate Mulder is irresistible. Movie/Season 5 hair is almost here!

42. I'll admit the scene of the written scorecards on the wall was very creepy, but didn't this bowling alley have automatic scoring screens? There would have been no need to keep your score on paper. (Maybe the automatic scorers were new . . . okay, I'll stop nitpicking!)

43. Maybe they got the automatic scorers because people were cheating! Especially Fred Graham! I'll admit I haven't bowled in a while, but even I know you can't get more than 30 pins in a frame. Fred went from 131 to 166. No wonder he bowled a 200 game!

44. Oh, oh, Angie. You're off to that big pin setter in the sky!

45. If Scully is praying for a doorbell, her prayer was answered.

46. Mulder recovers quickly from being the insensitive cad to the concerned friend. Whew!

47. TWC6: Holy flaming cow! There's just something so right about Mulder in Scully's apartment.

48. "What is a death omen if not a vision of our own mortality? And who among us would most likely be able to see the dead?" Perhaps for the first time, Scully's own mortality becomes real.

49. Nurse Innes must be the Nurse Ratchet of this cuckoo's nest. (And you're no Cindy Crawford yourself, lady!)

50. I get the feeling that the inmates are sort of running this asylum . . . well, at least they're sort of nursing at this asylum anyway.

51. With Chuck's insight, Scully has a Mulder-sized leap.

52. I'll chalk it up to Scully's illness that she couldn't take Nurse Innes with one hand tied behind her back. Luckily, she's had a lot of practice at shooting people in the shoulder.

53. TWC7: Mulder was so busy looking fantastic that Scully had to remind him not to put his sticky fingers on the murder weapon without donning some protection first!

54. Scully finally fesses up about her visions. Mulder is not happy that she's not sharing.

55. "I came down here because you asked me to." She *does* do it all for you, Mulder.

56. "I know what you're afraid of. I'm afraid of the same thing." And he loves you, Scully.

57. The doctor said she was fine, if only they could both believe that.

58. We don't get to see Mulder fall apart, but I believe he does, in private. Scully isn't so lucky, as we see her slowly break down, alone in her car. Then she sees the apparition of Harold in her rear-view, and she can't deny it any more. She's *not* fine. She is going to die.

59. Finally, with no killer kitty-kats or goat-sucking chupacabra's in sight, John Shiban gets it right. I knew he could do it.

60. This episode apparently went through quite a few transformations and several titles before the version we got on screen. One title was "Tulpa," a ghostly manifestation of a "thought-form" produced by the mind in Tibetan mystic practice. Another title was "Revenant," one that comes back following an absence or one who returns after death. Gee, I think "Revenant" might have been a perfect title for a certain episode in Season 8. At least, if *I* was doing the episode naming, that's one that I might have picked.

61. But what do I know. "I'm just a human being."

So many apologies, so little time.