Theatre of the Mind ~ Tunguska

Whips, foreign prisons, riot gear, flogging, handcuffs, chicken wire, Senate Subcommittees, the return of the oilien, Mulder!Torture galore! It's not fanfic, it's Tunguska!

1. This is the Senate Select Subcommittee version of Where's Waldo: Where's Mulder?

2. I thought Scully taught at Quantico before becoming Mulder's partner, so wouldn't she have become an FBI agent more than four years ago? Math geek indeed! Perhaps this finally explains this pregnancy question: Scully can't count!

3. MSRM - What, you think it's not possible to have a Mulder/Scully Relationship Moment when one of them's not there? Au contraire! Even threatened with contempt of Congress, she ain't tellin' where her man is. (Of course, she probably doesn't know anyway, but it's the thought that counts.) You can just tell by the way she stares down the Senator that she wouldn't divulge that information even if they tied her down a on table, covered her with chicken wire, and poured creepy oilien goo all over her!

4. I really had to look twice cause I thought the clumsy customs agent was Quentin Tarantino.

5. I guess paybacks for those strip and full body cavity searches *are* hell!

6. Scully looks like she is feeling the great need to blast the crap out of something.

7. TWC1: Woo-freakin'-hoo! Something tells me this ep is just *filled* with worthless commentary!

8. I've always hoped that dog was not licking up anti-freeze. We never saw him again . . .

9. Riot gear!M&S! And Scully looks so cute in her Princess Leia "Return of the Jedi" Ewok hat.

10. Luckily, Mulder did a better job of shooting out the tires of the get-away truck than he did of the RV in "Bad Blood."

11. The Amazing Dr. Scully strikes again! I guess she can tell the driver's dead by the pattern of the blood splatter on the window. Why bother with a pulse or anything?

12. It's Ratfink! (I thought he was in North Dakota!) Liberated on a salvage hunt? I don't think so.

13. Ratboy does some fine acting in this episode. He plays a punching bag very well.

14. "You gotta learn to live with the rats." Was that an in-joke for the Ratboy fans?

15. TWC2: Okay, you won't hear me say this very often, hardly ever, but Krycek looks pretty good in his little hat covering his crappy haircut (but I like it better when Mulder slaps it off. Whoa!).

16. "You're an invertebrate scum-sucker whose moral dipstick is about two drops short of bone dry." Not only am I impressed that he could think that up, I'm more impressed he could say it.

17. Krycek and Mulder nose to nose. So much testosterone, so little time.

18. Hmm, I thought Krycek *was* the man responsible for the deaths of Mulder's father and Scully's sister.

19. "You destroy the destroyer's ability to destroy." What?

20. For the right price, Krycek will sell out anyone. See how quickly he gives up the secrets of the guys at 1013? "These men, they make it up as they go along."

21. Mulder gets Krycek handcuffed to the railing pretty quickly. Practice makes perfect?

22. Even in heels, Scully beats Mulder in the footrace after the diplomat? I don't think so. He let her win.

23. Casual!Krycek looks like he's doing an ad for GQ or something, leaning on that railing.

24. "Expose it for him, Scully." Mulder, don't be making offers like that to Ratboy!

25. Good grief! "What did you get for Halloween, Charlie Brown?" Rats.

26. Scully, before they are off to Skinner's house, wouldn't you like to punch Krycek at least once? Everyone else has.

27. First let me say that I've seen the blooper reel too many times to be able to comment on the next scene with any semblance of decorum. ROTFLMAO. I wonder how many slashy fan fics emanated right here?

28. TWC3: Now, personally, Skinner doesn't really do anything for me, but I ain't dead. And I know a pretty good chest when I see one. My, my.

29. Skinner's probably thinking, "Why did I give Mulder my address?"

30. "Just think warm thoughts." LOL - Skinner's best line since "This is where you pucker up . . ."

31. TWC4: Hoo-boy! Mulder looks really interested in "polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons."

32. What are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons? PAHs are a group of chemicals that are formed during the incomplete burning of coal, oil and gas, garbage, or other organic substances. They can be man-made or occur naturally. There is no known use for most of these chemicals except for research purposes. They are found throughout the environment in the air, water, and soil. I just knew.

33. Dr. Sacks, you're gonna be sorrrrry!

34. It would appear that Skinner is single again. And running a pretty fine bachelor pad.

35. Krycek came close to losing more than his arm in this part of the two-parter as well.

36. TWC5: Explaining the significance of the rock to Scully. If she won't follow you, Mulder, I will.

37. I'm a little confused by Scully's "how far can I follow you" speech here. I guess she made her decision since it appears in the teaser that she's ready to go to jail for him.

38. "Stupid ass haircut." Guess Mulder used up all his snappy put-downs on that dipstick comeback.

39. I think Scully might regret getting that address for Mulder. But in this case, I think she should be glad she was ditched (assuming she really doesn't know where he is). Where Mulder's about to go, I wouldn't want to follow either. (Marita's or Tunguska-either destination applies.)

40. Poor baby! He's so tired. (But why does he have to have his hands *there*? Is he protecting the family jewels from lispy bee pollen woman?)

41. Scully may be a math geek, but Mulder is a geography wizard!

42. "I can help you, Agent Mulder." "Find my cell phone?" The boy is completely clueless.

43. "Why are you helping me?" "Because I can." Oh, brother.

44. Thanks to the boys at 1013 for clarifying that only 3 minutes transpired during that commercial break. When Mulder exited the building, they just should have scrolled the little tagline at the bottom: NOTHING HAPPENED.

45. TWC6: Punching Krycek seems to agree with him. Yum.

46. Do you think that Scully knows how much Pendrell loves her so she just uses him to do her bidding? He doesn't look very happy here, but I guess he'll take any breadcrumbs Scully scatters his way.

47. And I think Pendrell has a reason to be worried. If the organism got into Dr. Sacks' suit, what makes Scully think it can't find a way into her suit and Pendrell's? Well, she's the doctor.

48. I think somatic rigor means Dr. Sacks' mind is telling his body that it's dead. That is one sneaky oilien!

49. Never let it be said that Mulder is heartless, as he promises Krycek some water if he's a good boy and doesn't chew on the upholstery.

50. TWC7: When he pauses when Krycek slings that expletive at him? *%!@$#*&%

51. How convenient that Krycek happens to call Mulder a bad name in Russian, just out of the clear blue sky. Does "trust no one" ring a bell at all?

52. So WMM has a little chickadee of his very own, eh? How *you* doin'?

53. Is the Consortium mad because they lost the rock or because Mulder's in Russia? I don't get it.

54. Skinner's middle name is "Sergei"? The Russian connection runs deep in this episode, huh?

55. Looks like it rains 400" a day in Tunguska, too.

56. I think digging that hole under that fence is only going to lead to trouble! But boys will be boys.

57. Running!Mulder, chased down by men on horseback, whipped and flogged. Is it getting warm in here?

58. What a nice overhead shot of Mulder waking up in his cell. But the poor boy's in a foreign prison. So many things could happen . . .

59. TWC8: And the Holy Flaming Cow Moment: When Krycek says that they are going to be tortured? BIG Hoo-boy! I don't know whether Mulder looks scared or a little excited! (LOL)

60. Mulder & Krycek nose to nose again. Now I'm a Mulder girl all the way, but I'd say those who lust after Krycek and Skinner have gotten their money's worth in this episode.

61. I guess maybe *this* should be the MSRM because Scully's protecting her man here and this actually took place *before* the opening scene. I guess this is where she decided how far she'd follow and pledged her undying loyalty to Mulder.

62. Mulder, you shouldn't have removed your cockroach. That was there for seasoning!

63. I think Mulder is realizing that maybe Krycek has ulterior motives. Well, at least Krycek didn't kiss him goodbye when he said, "da svidanya." (No kissing on the first date.)

64. "What kind of experiment?" I think you're about to find out, Mulder!

65. Mulder!Torture to the extreme! A shot in the neck, tied down with chicken wire, a band-aid on his vaccination scar, oh the abuse to that lovely nose and those beautiful lips! I bet those alien face pinching things are looking pretty good right now, huh?

66. TWC9: On the plus side, how about those low riding jeans? Oh, baby! On second thought, why did they leave his pants on at all? (But thanks for the shot of those long, long fingers. Almost as good as footwear!)

67. Oh no! My Mulder is an Oilien! And what goes in, must come out. Or does it? Hmmmm . . .

68. To be continued . . .

69. Tunguska was in a word awesome; probably the best beginning of a two-parter since "Colony." Do you think that Terma can live up to the high standard set in part 1? I guess we'll see in the next Theatre of the Mind. I'll get started on it right away. "How long will it take? How long do you have?"

"You know my capabilities in a crisis." Apologies as always,