Theatre of the Mind ~ Kitsunegari

1. I guess that lady who administered lie detector tests in "Squeeze" quit the FBI and became a physical therapist. How nice!

2. This must be what a hamster feels like.

3. The hamster must be one mean hombre. He can barely push his Big Wheel and they're strapping him in his wheelchair, got the pepper spray at the ready . . . who can this be?

4. We're about to see the patient's face. It's . . . Eugene Victor Tooms! (Made you look.)

5. Robert Patrick Modell. Did you ever notice how serial killers always seem to use their full names? I'm sure never gonna look at Neil Patrick Harris or Mary Tyler Moore the same way again.

6. Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

7. I thought Scully said in "Pusher" that Modell would never regain consciousness. Wrong again.

8. Moose & Squirrel promoted to SAC's on this case. Hope there's a big raise that comes along with those titles. Armani don't come cheap.

9. In honor of their new responsibilities, they share the presentation, just like a well-oiled machine.

10. TWC1: Just let me say that the boy has never looked so good as in this entire episode. Has anyone noticed those sideburns? I don't think I've mentioned them . . . nearly enough.

11. A bullet and a brain tumor and the man *still* won't die. Of course, on the XF, death is a relative term.

12. Awww, she's worried about you, Mulder. Remember, she battled Modell for your soul the last time, and she doesn't want to do it again.

13. Hey, kid, that's a nice piece of asp, huh? I'm talkin' about the bat.

14. I think we've see the "Mulder & Scully Road Show" before. Think the Sports Hut gets the Playboy Channel?

15. I thought Mulder was facing Modell straight on when he shot him. How'd the bullet go through Modell's brain from ear to ear?

16. TWC2: He looks so forlorn when the therapist says he's the one who shot Modell.

17. The impressions just keep on coming from Mulder! First Mr. Potato Head, then Ah-nold, now Clint Eastwood! What next? David Duchovny? (No one could impersonate that monotone!!)

18. When it's a choice of listening to Modell or Scully, it's no contest.

19. Thanks for leaving the Carbo-Bar "bread crumb." Well, samurais without masters have to advertise.

20. Mulder, didn't your mom ever tell you to look both ways before running out into traffic?

21. It's not a boo-boo. Lorton (Va.) Penitentiary is a "D.C. Department of Corrections" facility.

22. Like I said, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

23. I didn't know there was a performance by Blue Man Group in this episode.

24. I just gotta say that this is the most soothing shade of blue. I'm not kidding you. I notice those things. It's a sky blue. Very calming. Very tranquil. I think the word for that particular shade is cerulean, actually. Cerulean blue. Makes me think of a gentle breeze. I'm going to take a wild stab here and guess this is a clue.

25. Love Mulder's "duh" look when Scully says the dead man died from ingesting paint.

26. "Kitsunegari - Fox Hunt." Isn't that what we decided Mulder's name would be if CSM (a.k.a. Mr. Hunt in MOACSM) was really his daddy?

27. What kind of a receptionist would give out that information to a total stranger? A pretty bad one. I think she works in my office now.

28. Betcha five bucks that's not Modell. You owe me five bucks.

29. TWC3: Woo-hoo! Hands in pockets, and he's giving that lip a workout doubting Linda.

30. Could I just issue this little reminder: "Approach him only with extraordinary caution, and then only with adequate backup. Adequate backup? Every cop you can lay your hands on." Of course, manly man Fox only takes a radio.

31. Indian Guide say tracking man by following Carbo-Bar wrapper trail is not "rubbish."

32. Could I also issue this reminder, just for the record: "Do not trust this man. Do not talk to him. Do not engage him in conversation even if he is unarmed." That's strike two.

33. After a few of those Carbo-Bars, I guess when you gotta go, you *really* gotta go!

34. Awww, Skinner's worried about him. That's sweet.

35. TWC4: Holy Flaming Cow! I just can't resist that little boy look as he shuffles his feet while leaning on the car, knowing what he did and what could have happened.

36. Mulder, you and your pretty partner seem awfully close. Do you work well together? (Not right at the moment-but she's just worried about you, Mulder!)

37. MSRM: I told you she was worried. The way she keeps an eye on him during the Linda Bowman questioning, especially when Linda mentions that he's the one who shot Modell.

38. Mulder has a "stroke" of genius. I don't have to "draw" you a picture, do I?

39. Betrayed by the two people he loves best. Skinner plunges the knife in, and Scully gives it a twist. What a look of hurt and shock!

40. Mulder, I believe you are going to pay for that "go fetch her some water" remark.

41. I didn't think it was shocking that she couldn't find her glasses. She is a woman who is into power. She likes to stay current on prison gossip. I think she had a little spark for Agent Mulder. (Perhaps I've watched this episode one too many times.)

42. You know, Linda, it's all about location, location, location.

43. A "Scully, it's me!" It's been awhile since we had one of those!

44. Why are Scully and those agents at the Chain Bridge Mall? Big sale at Macy's?

45. Ah, the Mel Cooley reference again! Okay, you guys be Buddy Sorrel and Sally Rogers, I'll find Rob and Laura Petrie (like the dish), we'll get Ritchie (and then I yelled GARY!) back from Oregon or Montana or wherever he is now, and of course, CC will play Alan Brady. In tonight's episode, Rob and Laura will explain why Ritchie's middle name is "Rosebud."

46. Scully, please explain to Walter the scientific nature of the "whammy."

47. Why'd they cut away from Mulder running down the hall? I wanted to see him jump down those stairs!

48. Tee-hee-hee! Love the little nods like, "Sure he had a gun, Walter. Whatever you say." I think Mulder was about to note, "Walter, I think you should go home," but he's probably already in enough trouble for that "fetch her some water" thing.

49. Come on, G-Woman. You know how often the G-Man is right.

50. Mulder, if you're waiting for Scully to call you when she thinks you've come to your senses, you might be hearing from her in about Season 12.

51. Maybe we should make Mulder one of those signs like "NURSE" except his says "FOX." It makes a lovely nametag as well as a fitting description.

52. Looks like Modell might be a samurai *with* a master. What, you never saw Yojimbo?

53. He's still a little man who wishes that he were someone big. And he went out with a whimper after all.

54. Scully, you don't have to do this. You're stronger than this!

55. Wow, I know head wounds bleed a lot, but that is a *lot* of blood!

56. Where have I seen this "shut up" scene before? Oh, "Young at Heart."

57. Poor Scully. No fire alarm when you really need one.

58. Great camera work as we pan from the faux Linda Bowman to Mulder and back to Scully without making a cut.

59. What a look on Mulder's face! I think he's going into shock. Paging Dr. Scully!

60. "You think you can hold me." Nice continuity back to "Pusher."

61. Scully looks like she's about to say "I told you so," but decides to torture him with a hand to his arm and the sound of silence instead.

62. Modell and Bowman fraternal twins. Bowman wanted revenge. I say we don't let her take up another minute of our time.

63. Mulder gets asked to stay after class. Better bend over and grab your ankles, cause I think you're about to pay for that "fetch her some water" comment.

64. TWC5: Hoo-boy! Sorry, Mulder. I think I drooled on you.

65. Almost killed your partner? Minor detail. You still did a good job.

66. "Then how come I feel like I lost?" Add another page to the Mulder Guilt Scrapbook!

67. Though many don't think that "Kitsunegari" is a worthy successor to Pusher, I'm not among them. It's actually one of my favorites, but you know I'm a sucker for Mulder!Torture. Not to mention that this episode has a very important moral: "Why wait when it's true love? You never know how long you have." (Note to CC: You have five weeks. Make 'em count.) This episode also contains the line that I've always wanted to say: "Fox Mulder? You're my 12:15."

I'd like to stay and chat longer, but I had to go. Since I'm sure Skinner won't be calling me in to tell me I did a good job, let me send apologies, as always!