Theatre of the Mind ~ Mind's Eye

1. Distorted view in the security mirror. Nice touch.

2. That's gonna be some spicy gumbo-I guar-an-tee it!

3. Handy to have visions when there's nothing good on TV.

4. Since this is the X-Files, even the police don't try to turn on the lights.

5. She didn't need lights anyway. She's blind.

6. A Scully slide show! Love those Dana Scully productions.

7. Seeing that "same pair of pants" must have prompted Mulder to pull them out of mothballs and wear them in "Pine Bluff Variant."

8. It's the "Ghost in the Machine" guy! Glad he finally got out of that evil building!

9. TWC1: Woo-hoo! I'm going to assume that you all think he looks as good as I do.

10. MSRM: Okay, it's slim pickins in this episode, but I think Mulder likes Scully slide shows and I like the little look they share during mention of the paranormal aspects of this case.

11. Perhaps I would be a little more excited about cleaning my house if I would think of it as "doing a Formula 409." That's so cute.

12. "Now before your heart goes out to her . . ." Too late.

13. Thanks for that Kung Fu reference, grasshopper.

14. A $60 cab ride? Holy smokes. Did that include tip?

15. Bat vision? I thought they were saving that till Season 8.

16. Does that mean that Mulder wears crappy cologne and Scully wears putrid perfume?

17. TWC2: What are you lookin' at? Hoo-boy! As if you didn't know.

18. Marty's sort of like Mulder. She covers insecurity with humor: "I'm all ears." "You mean, like an eyewitness?"

19. I love these types of scenes where Mulder sits back and lets Scully do the questioning while he makes his assessment, and once he's made up his mind, he jumps in.

20. Poor Stinky. I guess that is crappy cologne. Stinky's good.

21. Mulder can also see that this girl doesn't want sympathy and he doesn't give it. He challenges her instead. (Love that "you probably don't know a feather duster from a duck's ass, do you" line.)

22. Mulder's got her all figured out in less than five minutes. He might not be a psychologist but he plays one on TV.

23. Mulder sends Scully off with Pennock cause he wants to "investigate" something. Well, that's why they put the "I" in FBI.

24. Mulder's pretty good at looking at people's behavior and figuring them out. Oh, he was a behavioral profiler, wasn't he?

25. What a woman that Scully is! She can talk on the phone, chastise Mulder for his actions, and find the place where the bloody gloves are stashed all at the same time.

26. Marty must be psychic in addition to bat vision. How'd she know the phone number of the bar?

27. Another O.J. joke. Somewhere Marcia Clark weeps.

28. "Even if the gloves do fit, you can still acquit." A Duchovny ad-lib.

29. Leaping!Mulder knows she's innocent, he just doesn't know how to prove it.

30. Since no one else will, Scully gives herself kudos for finding the gloves where "nobody would easily find them."

31. Blindsight is 20/20, Scully.

32. Mulder's having a leaping field day as he knows that Marty's contracting pupils means she sees something.

33. TWC3: I'm having physical responses to images in my mind's eye right now.

34. Scully leaves for LA to do some reshoots for the movie . . . er leaves for DC to expedite the PCR results.

35. Many thanks to that Good Samaritan for helping Marty not get runned over.

36. If there's blood on the hand, in jail you will land. That was a Polly ad-lib.

37. TWC4: Holy Flaming Cow! Rolled-up-shirtsleeves compassionate Mulder! Yum!

38. "I *like* you, Marty. I *admire* you." And I believe he does. I'm always amazed at the "Mulder Backlash" in this episode from dedicated shippers who think that Mulder has some kind of "thing" for Marty. The only "thing" I see that Mulder has for Marty is a great deal of respect and compassion. (And okay, maybe fondness.) I've always thought that Mulder's ability to be compassionate is one of his finest qualities. Does he have to stop being compassionate or stop having friends in order to be in a relationship with Scully? I hope not. I've said before, if I were in a situation where something "odd" was happening to me, I would be pretty relieved to know there was someone like Fox Mulder who was willing to believe my story, no matter how strange or unbelievable-even if I didn't believe it myself.

39. Marty has carefully built a wall around her brick by brick. She has struggled hard for her independence and isn't ready to let anyone get close or see her vulnerability. Just as Marty built the wall, Mulder is able to tear it down, brick by brick. He takes the time to look beyond the tough facade; he doesn't tiptoe around her or treat her differently because of her disability. Maybe he's been the first person who was willing to do that. (FWIW, I think he's chipping through Scully's brick wall in Season 8!)

40. Oh, oh. The man in Marty's visions isn't too happy.

41. TWC5: Good old profiler Mulder! Still trying to figure out what makes this girl tick.

42. Especially this season, I should think you'd be used to being called "skeptical" by now, Mulder.

43. If I have to choose, I like "Skeptical," better as a telephone greeting than "One sorry son-of-a-bitch speaking."

44. Marty knows him by his footsteps. (I'd like to think I could do the same.)

45. I think Mulder's removing one of those last bricks as he tells Marty about her connection to the killer.

46. The scene where Marty sees herself and knows the killer is watching is just a reminder to send out major kudos to Lili Taylor. This actress, best known for her work in independent films, really does a fantastic job throughout the episode. She brings just the right mixture of toughness and vulnerability to make us like and admire Marty too. She received an Emmy nomination for her work in this episode.

47. You know it's gonna be a tough day when you've proven a person innocent and they still want to take the fall.

48. The killer is Marty's father. Ewww. But Marty will help catch him.

49. TWC6: Lord have mercy! Just waiting for the raid . . . and for the love of his life to arrive.

50. Scully is back from LA . . . er, I mean DC. Just in time for the surprise par-tay.

51. Just talked himself into a leap . . . Marty has thrown them off the scent on purpose.

52. Poor Detective Pennock. It's usually Mulder or Scully who gets conked on the noggin.

53. Great camera work seeing Gotts stalking Marty through Marty's distorted visions.

54. TWC7: Mulder footwear! Woo-hoo! And the guy in it ain't bad either!

55. He'd be at the sentencing. She just knew. We haven't heard that in a while!!

56. Marty and Mulder don't seem to know what to do with their hands. One minute they're holding hands, the next minute they're not, then they are, then they're not, depending on which way the camera is pointing.

57. I think maybe something very frightening happened to Mulder at the Ice Capades. This is the second time this season he's mentioned them in a less-than-positive way.

58. Good old Leaping!Mulder figured it out, of course. Earlier Marty said "I never wanted to spend my life in a place like this. I had no choice." But as Mulder points out, if Gotts goes back to jail that's exactly how she will spend her life. With Gotts dead, she no longer has to see what he sees; she can close her eyes and see what she wants to see or be content in the darkness. Despite the consequences, she made the choice for the visions to stop. And it all wraps up nicely at the end with Marty disappearing into the darkness of her cell.

59. I thought "Mind's Eye" was a fine episode for lots of reasons: the performances by Lili Taylor and David Duchovny, great music, great directing. To me, we saw Mulder in much the same vein as "Oubliette," or "The Field Where I Died," a man who does wear his heart on his sleeve and has a lot of compassion to spare for someone caught in circumstances beyond their control. Mulder and Marty had some nice chemistry, but damaging the relationship with Scully? I don't think so.

60. Besides which, if Mulder and Marty got married she'd be Marty Mulder . . . and I'm not even gonna go there.

It wouldn't be an anthology if I didn't issue an a-polly-gee.

Polly (who ad-libbed that one too)